Ode to the Man on the Moon

Everyone you have ever met, 

has left an impact on your life.

Whether you’ll remember it or not.

Sometimes the ones who leave

the biggest imprint on your life

are the ones you’ll never meet.


There is a man on the moon,

as all the stories go.

As a kid 

I’d stare for hours,

hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

I’d sit out on my porch,

until my skin turned blue

and my mom yelled at me

for not wearing a jacket.


My mother always said

I was a child of the stars,

and the man on the moon

introduced me to my family.

He is my oldest friend,

and he’ll never fully go away.


There are days

where you can’t see him too well.

But, he’s there

and he’ll come back again tomorrow.

When I was a kid

he’d follow my car around.

And we were hardly ever apart.


The sunrise was the worst,

because I knew 

I’d have to wait hours 

Before we could play again.

He taught me that 

Sometimes friends need to go away.

And if they belong, 

They’ll come back.


Morning brought other friends, though.

And I laughed with them

Until he came back.

He taught me that change isn’t necessarily bad.


He was the first friend 

I said goodbye to.

Because eventually 

we all grow up.

He taught me that

sometimes goodbyes are for the best,

and they don’t always mean forever,

sometimes they simply mean until later.


The man on the moon 

taught me more life lessons

than I ever learned

from a teacher or a parent.

He taught me to love,

even if I couldn’t see what I was loving.

He was there for me when nobody else was.

And he has changed my life in ways

you’d never think possible.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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