"Why DO you love me?"

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 00:55 -- klurrr

Asking me why I love you

is like asking why I love the stars.

There’s a certain radiance that comes with you

you create home in a girl who sometimes believes she doesn’t have one.

You are a presence, a sound, a heartbeat.

You have a heart made of glass

and you place things inside of it that are just as delicate

hoping someone will come along with their own fragility

but one that can also be transparent enough to share.

You are adventure, you are excitement, but you are serenity.

You are warm nights when I walk and cold nights when I sleep.


You are a constant pulse that I can never let go of

which is why I’m afraid sometimes.

I can love the stars but I cannot touch them.

I can touch you,

I can feel the warmth of your breath and I know that loss is always a possibility

but in these moments, I feel that constant pulse,

I feel you.

And I’m filled with things that have no name.

They are undeniable, they are inevitable.

They are you.



This is amazing, I love your writing. ❤️


This is awesome. You're very talented.

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