Shine No More

There are endless stars in the sky
So many, that you can't count
Yet some are bigger than others
You give the smaller ones a try

Bigger and brighter, one stands out
You can't focus on any other
Intriguing it is, you can't look away
You wonder what that star is about

You reach and beg, attention at will
It's amazing and beautiful
The star just shines in the night
Hoping you catch it, just for the thrill

Although this star is like the others
It's only difference is size
It may shine brighter and harder
You may end up sadly smothered

Some stars grow weak and fall
They come crashing into the shield
Entering reality is harsh and odd
They end up with a wake up call

The star has fallen, this is true
It no longer shines in the night
It's beauty has disappeared
The star no longer appeals to you

In the sky, alone it fell
Into the earth, down in the crust
You wake up from the lie
And yet you promise not to tell.


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