I Hope You Understand

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 21:31 -- Lizzz_M

There's a lot of things
You should do in life;
Things that you can do
For someone
Just because of the words "I love you."
I know where this goes,


It's like it's a place that honestly
No one really knows.
The thing is, my dear,
There is something different
About "I love you" to you.


I love you isn't just
Said that way, but in
The littlest of things
That you'd never remember
In some dreams.


They are actions 
No one sees.
They are the words
No one hears.
They are like dreams,
And are forgotten.


I remind you of your seat belt
Because I want you to be safe,
And I don't want a life not this way.


I remind you of my favorite things,
And how you give them all meaning
Because without you, these things
Would just be forgotten
Just like any other dream.


I hold your hand with pride
Because I know what it feels like
To be told to hide.
No longer will I do so
Because you are mine, and I am proud.


I speak of you all the time,
Just going about my day.
You're my favorite thing to talk about
I'm pretty sure anyone in my classes
Can say that without any kind of doubt.


I remind you to eat and sleep,
To shower and to not drink,
To study and to meet,
And about all of your club activities.


You are in college 3 hours away,
I am the graduating class of one-eight.
You do the same for me,
And you fuel anything  I want to do
Simply because "I love you."


I try to remind you all the time
How much I truly adore you being mine.
I know I'm bad with words,
So I started drawing things first.


I had given up on my art,
My only gifted thing
Because I found myself unable
To pursue this favorite dream.


Then you appeared, and loved it
So dear,
And my world stopped for a moment
Because someone liked something I do
Something very new. 


So I drew and I drew,
I picked up painting only for you.
I hope you liked the stars I stole for you.
I picked up writing again, 
And here is where we begin.


"I love you" is more than just that,
It's genuinely acknowledging it as fact.
You bring me up as high as the moon,
And you're in love with singing my tunes.


"I love you" is just as that.
The little things make it all up.
No, you don't have to say it,
I wasn't taught that way.


"I love you" is better not said
But felt in every way.
When you can look at me
And I can visually see
How much you adore me,
It's something old but something new.


"I love you" isn't a dream,
It's just reality.
Love is not cruel like we think,
But we're humans, and some of us
Don't think.


"I love you" is to build us up
As one together.
Two whole people make a whole home
Where everyone is welcome,
And no one is alone.


"I love you" is to be said
With passion
And to be never be a chore
Or just for the sake
Of sending words.


Love is kind
And you'll be on any cloud
More than just 9.
It's like being truly


As I sit here and write
Plenty of poems,
The stars are out tonight.
My favorite things
That could ever litter the sky


There's something about the night
That makes the world feel right,
But the stars are the glitters and golds
And hold many secrets nobody told


"I love you" is not missing you
Late during these nights,
But late during the day
Before the stars come out to play.


Not many will understand this,
But you will,
All the little things,
And me sharing my dreams
And talking about all the saddest of things,


These are my ways
Of showing how you make me
Better every day
In your own way.


I hope to the world 
That sees this is reminded
Of  someone you know or knew
Because to me, then it's truly worth
Saying the words, "I love you."



This poem is about: 
Our world



This is to a boy who I adore dearly, but I have no idea how to say it. I picked up good habits to try to find ways to show it because words can be empty and lifeless, but when you can see how someone loves you, if that makes sense, then you know it's got to be something more than just a game. I've barely written a thing and I don't really know what this is, but I hope someone understands what I'm saying and can use it to help themselves. Love is love, no matter what. If you don't feel loved, then you should recheck. Take care of yourselves and thank you for reading. All I can say now is that I hope he understands.

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