Mine Haven

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 17:00 -- ty_ownz

Mine forest, mine haven,
Lovely thou art aflame.
Showered with light thou art again.
Solace, thou art by name.
Thy trees, they dance
In the breeze, unbound.
Capture me in a trance.
Thou art quick to astound.
In thy reaches lies my peace,
Fade mine demons with the touch of a breeze.
Bestow upon me sweet release
I find amongst the towering trees.
Oh, our Patron of Light shines above thee
Shimmering beyond the clouds
With the sky, share thy divine beauty
Of the likes the gods themselves are endowed.
Night brings thee to a glow.
As the stars illuminate the dark
Tell me of Immortalized Heroes of Old
As I await the call of the lark.


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