NIke's Moon / Victoria's Moon


United States
47° 41' 38.0544" N, 117° 23' 35.5452" W
United States
47° 41' 38.0544" N, 117° 23' 35.5452" W

She shines so bright

her smile the sweetest of ivories

eyes that pierce the strongest of barriers

light of a princess

comprised of precious assets

I’ve seen her glow

as I’ve watched her grow

contradiction to pains inflicted

upon her soul.


Yet defeat is impossible

for this moon is cast from something greater

surrounded by the darkness she’s endured

surely to engulf

she experiences no loss

after all

a goddess of victory

deflects injury


I’ve admired her resilience

diligence through experience

renders her strength limitless

her elegance is refreshment

gliding through surrounding universe

atop Jupiter’s perch

Trail of comets trail

angelic radiance

puts the sun to shame

I remain in amaze

watching her wings spread


into the brightness of the moon

her moon

Victoria’s moon


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