Sun, 11/05/2017 - 18:26 -- velmaaa

i. sun:

the light of all life.

Ive had many suns in my life,

people I thought would be the center

of my universe forever.

After the last person, I swore to myself

I’d never put anyone there again.

I’d be my own sun.

But you’re different.

You don’t want to be my center.

You’re content where you are.

You’re happy as the man in the

ii. moon.

The hermit who only shines

when others are providing the light.

You reflect people’s light back to them,

bring the attention away from yourself.

You say, “Here,
you need this more than I do.”

And people don’t realize this,

you probably don’t realize it yourself.

But I see it.

I see you.

Your worth,

your growth,

your love.

My shining

iii. star.

Sometimes I like to look up

at the sky,

imagine us out there

with my spaceship.

We breathe in stardust,

remembering that we, too, are made

of endless void, space, and stardust.

Our alien friends are delighted to have us,
but one day we return to our home planet.

We come to see the beautiful

iv. aurora

borealis. The lights dance

in the sky as we dance

on the ground and we

are the only two people in

the universe.

It is here, with us, the sun and her moon

can finally touch.

And it is here that the sun, with her

v. lunar gaze

sees her soul mate.

He has been here,

quietly enduring his suffering,

waiting for the sun

to notice him.

He waits no longer.
She is here and she

is not afraid.

She will leave again shortly,

as the sun and moon cannot

touch for long, but she will wait

as he has for her.

Soon they will be together

for longer,

and this universe

will cease but there,

in another,

they are living a slightly different version

of this celestial story.

Perhaps their existence is reversed,

perhaps they hate each other, and yet

still in another universe they love

each other in a way

that is more romantic
than they do here.

The sun, her moon, their journey

through the stars;

their return to the lights,

and their mutual gaze of love. 

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