We Were Invincible


United States
45° 39' 30.7044" N, 122° 29' 52.7568" W

We were convinced our paths were written in the stars
And promised we'd never be apart
To only realize none was as different as ours
So we parted ways with all too broken hearts

We were too young
Too naive on our part
Too ignorant from the start
We promised each other white lies
Only to end up
Not by each others side
We were invincible

We could have crossed mountains
And conquered everything under the sky
We were invincible
By each others side
We were invincible
But now alone we will die

I'm too fractured, you're too broken, we're like loose pots on a gravel road
We fight and we bicker, I throw punches and you hold me close
We're as incompatible as two zodiacs could be
But still there wasn't a better pair than that of you and me

We had too much recklessness on the charts
We were too adventurous to care where we got

We were invincible
We'd wake up in the morning
Just to drive to random spots
We'd laugh at the days so long gone we forgot

We were invincible
We were invincible
No one can compare
I compare
Everyone to you
but now you're just a familiar face in a boy I once knew

We were invincible

Now you show your face
I run to you
Open arms, open embrace
It's been four seasons now since you've visited this place
We catch eyes not a second too long
But enough to know you were thinking the same thought

We were invincible
Climbed the great oaks
Splashed through puddles soaked
Drew tattoos on each others arm
long washed away before they could cause further harm

We told each other such stories
Our own

We were invincible
Everyone that passed could tell
By the way we were glowing
That we were invincible
but now our stories lay recorded in the ashes under the stones
make no mistakes, have no regrets, just forget like I forgot home

We were invincible
But lets forget that now
Cause there's no way back now
We were invincible
We were.


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