My Wishing Star


United States
42° 52' 25.4892" N, 85° 46' 36.8976" W

The silver moon winks at us
As we dance into the field of dreams.
The crickets provide the melody,
The birds offer their song,
And the voice of the wind guides our every step.
You look to the sparkling sky
Envisioning the wishes made on flawless stars:
Wishes that have come true
And wishes yet to come.
Your radiant face is lost in a moment
Like a perfect performance for an invisible audience
Not wanting to be seen.
Not wanting to change.
I gaze into your luminescent spheres of sight,
Gateways into your mind,
And see your dreams of a future beyond this moment:
Being draped in white,
Cleaning a floor cluttered with toys,
And intertwining your wrinkled hands with another’s.
Dreams that are the soul of your wishes.
Dreams that you share with the stars.
I lace my not yet wrinkled fingers into yours
And say, “It’s okay, my wishing star.”
We continue our dance under the cool night’s sky.
The mystical moonlight is our spot light
The moment; our stage
A stage longing for eternity,
But broken by time.
The necessary change for our dance’s next performance.


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