Ode to the Sky


Celestial bodies in fluid space

sprinkled stars like sugar crystals in a cup of black tea

dissolved in the universal brew of life

The flavor so right the perfect amount of  sweet

Sun rays shine down so bright

Illuminate the orbs, spheres and comet kites

that splatter across the canvas of our sky at night


Celestial bodies uniting in cosmic collisions

connections forming the universal dimensions

From our eye view

those orbs and spheres twinkle in suspension

a colorful sprawl against a black drop of black

as we look up in awe and reverence

Hoping that they'll guide and give our lives direction


Celestial bodies move with smooth grace

a timeless waltz, the dancers glide and pace in sync

twirling through the deep black vacuum of space

a collective of ancient mystic

geometric shapes sovereign in the sky

each orbit so unique

we gaze in wonder at the luminescent heavens up high

In the celestial bodies we confide and inquire

into the meaning of our lives





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