Princess of the Sun and Moon

Dull stardust dims the light that no longer reflects the Sun.
Night reigns eternal, silent and dark,
Echoes sounding off to make sure they aren’t alone.
This was the Queen of the Day’s before she vanished,
Leaving only a dark wasteland and a broken body hanging in its midst.

All we have left is starlight
As the earth grows cold
And dark
And slowly,
We start to die.
The Queen of the Day left us, her Sun burnt out,
And as the earth grows colder
We lose all hope.


But now, the Princess of the Sun and Moon climbs up through the stars.
She brushes dust away
Until it gleams with its own light and reaches out for the Sun.
The Sun reignites its light.


Fire arches across the sky,
Warmth nudging animals out into the day.
We blink in the light our eyes had grown unaccustomed to,
Dewdrops beading our lashes.
For a moment, there are two figures in the sky
Before the Sun takes back what is its own and
The Princess of the Sun and Moon hangs, suspended,
Between the burning fires and cooling ice.


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