Celestial Expectations


True love shines as bright as a star,but friendship exceeded celestial expectations.  At any moment a star can burn out, but the entirety of the solar system is larger than that one star, yet, less valued. 

Friendship doesn’t need to shine it just needs to exist. When the ‘spark’ dies in a relationship you look to light it again, to change things up, to ignite the flame.  What is more beautiful than the way friendship simply exists? 

And over time you will gather many stars and many friends. And when you say I love you to your stars, and you will remember you learned the meaning of that word because of your good friends.

True love is not with the one you will someday marry, it is with the person you will call your best man or maid of honor. Your truest love goes deeper than that of any other because it is forgiving and unconditional, because flaws only help it grow.


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