I'm Not Looking Up Anymore

Dear Sky,


I’m so sorry little star,

You’ll be next to go

Light keeps disappearing behind the char

We must reap what we sow


I’m so sorry little cloud

The smoke blinds and poisons you,

If only the factories weren’t so loud,

Please little cloud don’t be so blue,


I’m so sorry little sun,

Your work is discarded

So I suppose you’ll be done,

In my memories you will be well regarded


I’m so sorry little moon

That we ruin your waves,

But I suppose you’ll be leaving soon,

Inching farther away from our caves,


And my Sky, My big beautiful sky,

Your color is dulling,

It’s less blue then the tears that I cry,

Nothing left is lulling,


I’m so afraid to look up,

That nothing is going to be the same,

You’re suffocating up there buttercup,

And I know we’re all to blame


I'm so sorry,

Shannon Raines


This poem is about: 
Our world


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