You Are My Blue


You are an ocean of mystery: inexplainable, inexplicit, infinite

I read somewhere that 95% of the ocean is unexplored

It must be true because you’re everywhere and nowhere- this ocean of mine that I can’t escape, that I’m surrounded by, but I can’t seem to know enough about

You give me everything then take it away when you go, expanding and shifting with every incoming tide

I’m in delight when you wash over me, and patiently wait for your return when you retreat

Because that 5% that I do know, with its deepest, bluest depths that having me gasping for air, is what lifts me like a buoyant ball amidst a sea of darkness.


You are what I look up to everyday, my sky and ever present horizon

As the Earth kisses the heavens in a beautiful harmony of blue with explosions of powdery white,

I look at you, ever-changing but always beautiful in all your phases

A gleaming twilight, a glistening dawn

A morning sunrise, a parting sunset

You’re my eclipse of the heart


The hottest stars burn bright blue

Among the millions in the galaxy, you’re the one I’m drawn to  

Surrounded by darkness but still you burn the brightest- my own beacon of light

Like the dipper, you guide me when I am amiss

You’re just barely out of reach, but always in sight

You are the stars pieced into the constellation of my heart and mind

I read somewhere that when you are looking at the stars, you are looking into the past

But when I look at you all I see is my future: you and I frozen in time


Did you know that blue is the warmest color

The ocean, the sky, the stars- you

Somewhere between the spectrum of green and violet, you are sorrow and warmth

My mystery, muse, and supernova

All I know now is that I’m filled with you

I bleed blue and you make me warm

I will love you for as long as the ocean is infinite, the sky is beautiful, and the stars burn bright in this universe of mine


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