Night is an infinite rotation of stars

Across a sky that outlines infinite black power lines

And radio towers, with a repetitive, slow blink

Like the eyes of a lightheaded, lusty lover

They blink

I watch the night with intrigued eyes and an open mouth

Mesmerized, desiring more

Desiring to be a part of it

You are my night; your presence envelops me whole

I could watch you for eternity in any place

Light makes me appreciate you more, makes me long for you

But you dazzle me most when there’s nothing but darkness

That’s when your constellations are revealed to me

Your truest self is shown

We are close, but not yet one

I have fallen in love with every single version of you

But that one is the one I want to wrap up and hold

Night is an infinite rotation of stars

Stars are an infinite rotation of matter

Living, dying, decaying, spreading, and reforming

We are infinite

I want to spend every night with you

Swallowed whole

I am far from my stars

But they are nonetheless mine


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