You speak like the night

Sun, 05/11/2014 - 08:03 -- ccballi


When I look into night,

The stars blue and burning wildly but silent,

And I wonder of the worlds they light--


When in the dark the cold breeze comes whispering

Across my hair and cheek and neck

As a chill runs electric from my spine to my lips--


When suddenly I long to hold the ivory face of the handsome man on the moon

Before his glowing smile is eclipsed by my earth

But my two hands are too small, and I am left in the dark--


When my infinitesimal body is wrapped in moonlight cool and tight,

And I'm made a mere silhuoette by the starlight of worlds years away,

Worlds spinning elegantly and furiously in the velvet blue sky,

With no thought of my small world at all,


You speak like the night



Mmm! Fantastic! 
I've lost that sense of awe about the night sky, since life has gotten more busy... this was a nice little reminder to me about it, even though I feel like I'm missing the point. Ah, well... it's a... well, I can't seem to find a decent adjective! I'll go with charming for now... it's a charming poem nonetheless!

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