Eruditions of a Shakespearean Literatus

I stopped looking for monsters under the bed
When I came to see they lived in my head
Whoever tells of a monster that hides
Never had one to abide beside
Oh, full of scorpions is my mind
To crown a child is a king denied!
Stingers raised and poised to strike
I close my eyes; I see (the night
The sight of no sight makes me wretch and cry)

So stars, oh stars, hide your fire
Protect the coward, protect the liar.
In the dark, it’s hard to see
If I bleed, or if I dream
But if it’s a dream, wake me from this
Wake me and take me away from this!

When you stop looking under the bed,
Only remember what I have said
The night remains bright with stars’ shining light
But only for those who depend on their sight. 

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