Night Dreamers

This is to the dreamers 

To the star crossed lovers

to the ex-bestfriends

And the hopeless wonders 

This is to the sleepless nights 

Still being discovered 

And wreaking havoc on innocent endeavors 

This is to the mornings basked in glorious light

Filled with burning horizons 

And frivolous dancing skies 

This is for dreamers 

The ones who look into the night

And bask in the ethereal moon light

Wondering when a star will shine to bright

This is for the the lovers

The hopeless ones

The madly in love 

And the hidden in secret ones

Your passion burns a steady fire

It’s burning sensation leaves trembles along spines 

While hidden whispers 

Sneaking between trees under the night sky

Tickle raw bare flesh 

This is for the forgotten friends 

It’s been long 

The nights have been spent 

Our friendship is a has been

It’s gone and forgotten once again

Maybe someday there will be a means to end

But, to all who dare to be rebellious and be adventurous 

The nightly wonders await you my dear friends.



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