Universally Perfect



The universe existed

for more than billions of years.

Planets came and left.

Stars burst and lived.

And all the atoms in the world came

to create you.


The you I look into

and see galaxies

where your eyes should be.

The you who

is sitting in front of me

How lucky am I

that the universe created you,

the same time it created me.


I fell in love with the stars in the sky

and the midnight between them.

And maybe that’s why I fell in love with you.

Because you were a mystery,

and if i couldn’t reach the complex skies,

then, at least I could reach you.


Your face is a galaxy.

Your eyes hold the night sky,

And your freckles have trapped the stars in them.

Your smile is a crescent moon,

and maybe now

I don’t have to reach the sky.

I could reach you,

my own little darkness and happiness.

Both a mystery to me,

but still a solution all the same.

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