Birth of a Star


United States
34° 59' 40.1532" N, 81° 3' 12.186" W

Drops of starlight swimming through the atmosphere,
the aquamarine sky swirling above.
It's time.

Silver seas calm,
No breeze through the grasses.
It's time.

The moon peaks,
sending it's soft beams unto the land,
It's time.

A soft kiss from Zephyr,
Amethyst blooms opening,
spilling their glowing light.

More and more open and release their shimmering dust into the air,
A freelance spirit pirouettes into the moonlit powder, raising it towards the sterling clouds.

Faster and Brighter,
more specters join the first,
bursting into song as the particles take shape.

Haunting and Heavenly music pours from the land!


An explosion of silver-winged butterflies,
A burst sweeter than beauty.

Song pouring from her soul,
She rises.
Not caring about her impending fall,
Determined to shine while she can.


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