The Stars


United States
42° 0' 5.472" N, 73° 49' 6.168" W

The stars are specks of light,
A broken string of scattered pearls,
Dandruff, Dust on black velvet,
Rice thrown on a wedding day,
Snowflakes, White ashes on coal,
Pebbles in a riverbed,
Fish scales, bones half buried,
Sand, Seashells on a beach,
Fireworks at nighttime,
Tiny suns, little moons,
Christmas lights, willow leaves in autumn,
Fog, Condensation on a glass of milk,
Wilted daisy petals,
Cotton balls,
Dandelion puffs,
Hail stones, Static,
Bubbles rising from the depth,
Powdered sugar, drips of candle wax,
Frog eggs, marshmallows in hot chocolate,
Spilled popcorn in a dark movie theater,
Splatter paint, bits of fleece,
Sweat beaded on a forehead,
Pulled teeth on a dentist’s tray,
Feathers from a shredded pillow – or a dead bird,
Glitter, diamonds,
Saline dripping from an IV,
Breadcrumbs, spots on a toadstool,
Overturned salt,
Sprinkles on death-by-chocolate,
Corn in the dirt for scratching chickens,
Parmesan cheese, snowberries,
The face of a digital clock,
Motes floating in a sunbeam,
Glow-in-the-dark stickers,
Fireflies, Chalk on a blackboard,
Easter eggs in a vast field,
Seagulls over the blue horizon,
Glorious. Mysterious. Dangerous.
A gateway to forever.


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