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been on this road for long the only drug i get addicted to be riches something that stitches time gathers together pieces of our lives patches and tenders inches to success as i be getting'm all in excess.
Thing always seem to get hard right before the miracles occur, And sometimes it is easier to wish for things to go back to how they once were.
You really thought I would give you the privilege to stop me, But you have no idea who I am and the person that I am trying to be. You so badly wanted to believe that I was broken,
Sometimes the best thing you can do is let go of what you know is no good for you, But, even though it is the best, it is also the hardest thing that you have to do.
We stumble, we fall and we get upWe don't beg, don't kneel and we stand upFailure will never be an optionLife is about struggling and taking actionWe are living in a world full of hypocrisy
Dreamworld’ssustained dramaselectively alluringleaving uschoking onbroken bits ofdreams andmemories ….Time to awakenfrom sleep!Strip away oxgoadsthat constrain us,
Haiti, Haiti, Haiti, the Land of Martyrs Haiti, Haiti, the Land of Great SlavesHaiti, Haiti, the Land of Ancient BravesThe Oasis that the evil monsters want to betray.
by Debi Lyn Tue, April 27, 2021 @ 11 am   As a mere little human, I am hopelessly flawed. As a redeemed individual, a child of the Most High God!
You are not in the world of favour,I tell you! Problems after problem is where we live in.. Life's..full of rules! How hard we live in..? Law!need to follow them, Get more give more! Get less give less!
school days! school days! learning for the boys but the girls are just toys pass them around  and then  just deny it   school days! school days! boys can come shirtless
SOFTLY HAVE FAITH They wanna bury me ain't worry, but rather I sprout out because I'm a seedling star. Stay flurry, road to glory.
SUCCESS "Success is the structure and the foundation of the future." #c9_fm
SUCCESS Success and failure are siblings of same goal, but what really diversify them is: Failure keeps hold,
SUCCESS "Success is the outcome of every struggles and the evidence of all agonies." #c9_fm
FAILURE "Failure is imaginary, success is reality. Failure isn't created it always exists." #c9_fm
Sometimes It’s True... It’s REALLY HARD To Get Through... !!!
Is it stupid to believe that you are capable of anything that you set your mind to? Do some people feel like that no matter how hard you work they may never come true?
Ya Know .... I Was With Some Poets When THIS Was Said ... “When it comes to your poems, what defines success ?“
The passion and excitement surround me like bees surround flowers when searching for nectar Id like to consider myself a bee and the sweet taste of success as my nectar One taste of success leaves me craving more and more
It took me 17 years  and a miserable day where I was told I was useless to learn that  We've been taught happiness is success
The opportunity to do what others can’t Inspires me to win. This might come off strange and self-serving. Some might call it a sin.  
My mom is my biggest inspiration. She's been to hell and back again and again. Following the systematic lifestyle that she was "destined". Her support is unfaltering, Her love is unwavering.  
There is only one way to love.  We work and work and still we fail Taking our breaks and trying to resolve  Only to leave each other and devolve  We're cheated and hurt, hoping for someone  Different. 
Power. The power of motivation. Establishing the works of devotion  Through the power of demonstration 
Everyone wants to be praised And never want to be failed If you want success Work hard and never suppress As hardwork is the key to success
Aspects of A Floral Being  Uncomparable to blooming sun’s rays,   A Art of harmony in full brightened cheeks:   B Brush of bristles constructing elegancy,    A
Not forced Victory does not care Your past struggles mean nothing 5 a.m sessions for the perfect application yet you may still fail
Thinking back to my childhood, Everything was all well and good. Having fun without any worry, But now I'm all in a hurry. I have to study, focus, stay ahead. I don't even have time to sleep in my bed.
You fail to realize the destruction seen in my tears, Of everything you put me through in my adolescent years. Finding it hard to see past the drink; Never taking the time to reconsider and to think.  
Being very eaisly persuaded You're only cool when faded Soon to realize No time for these lies Success is the goal even if unaided
I exist In the subtle rhythms The periphery of perception In gentle sea breezes And silky laughter  In the dance of falling leaves And dreams I lust after. I construct my reality
What’s it to you friend If I had known you when we made some mistakes time and time again So let me tell you what; let me implore you the lesson
I’m afraid to fail Fight to feel success Being measured on a scale To determine who's the best   Choking under the pressure
I daydream daily  I know it sounds crazy  I feel it in my fingertips, in my bones  Yet so far, so vaguely.  I’m scared.  Scared? I mean terrified  yet I do recognize 
Up on stage all lights and eyes on me and me alone Bare myself, my soul Choose me  my quiet heart voice whispers Thank you, next Callbacks Pitter-patter, hope List is up
What is failure? For me, failure is unhappiness. I want to be successful with my education to form my future. Will my future be filled with happiness? Or will it be filled of missed opportunities and regret?
Opening my grades sucks the air out of my lungs. My jaw tenses as I see the one grade that is lower than the rest. What about med school? Grad school? My mind is telling me that I failed, but...
Opening my grades sucks the air out of my lungs. My jaw tenses as I see the one grade that is lower than the rest. What about med school? Grad school? My mind is telling me that I failed, but...
I thought you were a part of me Thinking you belonged in here Then I realized I was just letting you be  Not letting me be, tear after tear    I thought you were a part of me 
Success was a big word That hung over my head like a cloud And failure was its shadow Dragging me deep underground It was a spiked flower always growing
There is a man of in(decision) Or not that it is that He is a man with (one) vision He has but one goal   He is always decent on the (test)
I am not afraid of fear, But yet he calls my name. Calling me, and taunting me, And putting me to shame. And though his voice cries out, I will not lend my ear— I will not bend my will— To the one that they call fear.
Cowboy skeleton Succeeds in all stock markets But rages too much.
Anything that is worth it and anything that makes life great is always scary.
There's that one word... It keeps me from succeeding... Failure. It's bound to happen, So why try to be Successful? I do nothing Because I won't win. I miss chances
Look around, what do you see? So many different shades of colors Each with a face and a different story Constantly judged by appearance and the way we look But let me tell you who I am because I'm not an open book
Through all her pain and tremendous struggles she leads her children to be the warriors we were born to be Through the time I lived in a poor area she led me to follow my education and stay on the right path
Wisdom. It is the key to success for some. It is the driving motivation for others. It is the difference between all knowing and foolishness. It is not something aquired in a day, week, or even month.
I’ve been writing this poem for a month,  I don’t know how to tell you what  This has done for me without also sounding Out of breath,  But last week, I wrote 3 poems and not one of them 
It has taken a lot of courage to make it through my first year in college, but I made it. I’ve remained determined and I will continue to work my goal to become a director of movies
I feel like I’m on the brink of something  Like I’m right on the edge Like I’m right about to get to it Like I’m right there on its tail And I only have to reach my hand out And take it...
Trouble Is An Object, You Don't Really Want It. Pass It To The Next Man, Maybe He Will Want It.   Maybe He Will Flaunt It, Attracted To Its Danger. Or Draw Back And Cast It, In The Direction Of His Anger.   Trouble Is An Object, That Can Transform
Dear life to be lived you’re a stranger The life I have lived left me numb Beatings and insults brought anger But t’was when I gave up that they won   Dear life to be lived am waiting
I know life can be uneasy. It's not what it's always deemed to be, But you know that it can be, see, Your parents taught you all that you know, 
Dear Younger Me, with eyes so bright Dreaming of the future all day and all night Your fantasies soaring like eagles across the blue Your imagination skipping like pebbles do If I could offer this for the days ahead
To whom it may concern,   When you’re tired and feeling low Most of your days are full of sorrow, Take a step back It’s okay to get side-tracked   Don’t lose your soul
Dear Failure,  Many say it is better to try and fail than to not try at all. For so long, the fear has told me, "No." "It is safer here." "Where no one tells you no."
  Such phantoms Accompany no one else   Such time is spent In no other hell     The only light is a tiny spark     Behold; a writer in the dark     Trapped and wrought In a cave so lonely
Happiness was an achievement but success will always be the goal & will bare any sacrifice that is known to man in order to become a reality including that happiness  
A number.  A number foretells my future doesn't it?  Will I be in jail or will death stand over my body as I bleed?  Will that number have me throwing up in a toilet clutching guts while on my knees, 
Love ambitiously flowing through my veins; All of the qualities you possess allow my heart to never rest; As relationships are always put to the test;
You won’t even grow. You’ve always got tabs, You’re trying to sell but your funds are so low. You’re high when you’re in class, You might not even pass,
There is no path to gloryIt is an emerald seaThat movesViciously in every way imaginable. Only the calm stay afloat and awaken to another day.
Yes, college was really on my mind as I watched my parents going at each other's throats, my uncle throwin in a pinch every 20 minutes, and the kids being hungry. When my world was a modge-podge of
The hills so grassy so green Sitting on comforting seats of grass I feel the cool wind along with the breeze At some point in time I get up to walk a trail Following it I know where I'll never fail
I'm trying to pour my heart out  shaping my emotions into words, words that will barely even compare to the vast void of space in my heart success, my aspiration, but I hear those voices in my head,
"Valley Of Death"
Once upon a time, The fish that used to be a prince Wallowed in his watery prison Cursing his incompetence.
Once upon a time A group of pigs lived on the same street They were friends and despised the rich They saw their neighbor get it in a cinch   He had the cash and hid quite a large stash In a safe 
Success contains a dab of enthrallment Has a thrill of amusement with a pride of accusement too.   The scent of blossoming folds and the victory untold where mysteries are bold.  
It's time to go with the flow and let your heart know that it's okay to express yourself and let yourself go. Get lost in the love that is the totality of your individuality. 'Individual' which means undivided from the 'whole'. 
America the Great, for what we are known for. Living in the Mid-West I feel every season. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, all in one.  The hot summer days are gone before the blink of an eye with winter on its way. 
She wakes up every day Proud of what she's done If only she truly knew What has already begun   She always gets the grades She always has the drive If only she knew that her success
till the limbs can't breathe stepping, always continuing time is freely yours the sights before you make it worth the sky is beneath vibrations make waves, joy happiness is for thee
March again; Revive; Awaken!Build atop what has been taken,Find your mantra, young disciple:"Do not tarry; carry on." -
My highest aspirations  The ones I hope no longer to be dreams  Threatening with apparitions  Visible and dark beams  Coming to induce fear or perhaps redeem  Sweeping away the emptiness 
A latent prick of fearstarted at the root of my head.
Failure is a creature of the darkness, But I can see it clear as day. A monstrous entity of terror, Feeding off the smallest of insecurities. Its grasp is ever tightening,
Life is a bitch. It is either a bitch to you, Or it is your bitch. This year it was my bitch.
LIFE pushes you in new places not askin you but forcin you to partake left my friends- the heartache nontheless you move on   glided into junior year studied hard with my peers
In 2016 A cloud of depression hovered over me I felt hopeless And angry and empty Why couldn't I just be happy? I have a great life And a loving family Caring friends and many talents
If only you were here, You would have been able to kiss me goodbye Wish me luck and try your best not to cry As I drove off to learn and live alone Instead, I had to tell your tombstone If only you were here,
Anxiety. Fear. Panic. My world is about to make a complete 180 Just make it through graduation without being manic You did it. What’s next? You’ll have to do your best I am alone now. Time to make my own way
This past yearI went from living in fearOf where is my next mealTo getting a job Between school and workI work seventy hours a weekSometimes I wake up weakAnd I sleepIn class
He started out young, strong, and invincible. Never wanting to stop until he reached perfection. The climb to success wasn't easy, but when he finally got there he still felt something missing.
One day i’ll get what i deserve. Karma’s a bitch, and time’s an asshole, so i’ll kiss & make up with them each time i fuck up and we’ll fake nice.
Concerning College...   He said, please don’t get stuck like me. Go, reach for the stars. Do it. Please. It’d do my heart good, to see you succeed. Get out of this place, go, be free.  
Just another second and the bell is going to ringJust another hour and you are done for the night,
Now my path to success is guided but I feel as though i'm blinded.Blinded by others trying to make me suffer, while my future was just trying to buffer.
Now my path to success is guided but I feel as though i'm blinded.Blinded by others trying to make me suffer, while my future was just trying to buffer.
Happiness is the blood line for life life is body and soul once alligned then refined working all your life isn't a task but a mask, of how people precieve you may you recieve wellness, not hate
Half past 9, I start to arise. I'm ready for my day to begin, goodbye bed, my dear friend. Hustle and bustle through the hall, I fear I will never get a call. A call that says "Congratulations, you've got the job!"
To show the world my spirit My talent My skills To prove to them that I am strong I can do it I can succeed To prove them wrong
Success is my goal. My goal is success. I will get there if I do my best.   I must wake up. I must be on time.   Success is not easy. Success is a journey. Success is my goal.
The phone buzzes me awake. All i want to do is the classic "5 more minutes" but i know i cant I get up, for them They want to see me go far in life, to take the opportunities they didnt have
Do You Want To Be Perfect?   I Feel Like That
Time is too short As the seconds tick on, we hear the moments of our life ebb away Slowly, slowly, with each passing day we feel the future
School, what grade do you have? Mom, I'm tired, "Go to sleep sweetie," But I'm not tired. Why do I stay up so late? It's all worth it in the end, or is it even worth it at all.
People around me are always happy Smiling, joyfull, always laughing No its not a peice of  pizza or a furry pet that makes me smile It is stealing a pill bottle from my friend Kyle
Success, You are the reason I wake each day, You challenge me, You change me, I owe it all to you, Success
The world we live in is vast. The time with in it dwindles quickly, the faster it dwindles, the more regret that builds. I awake to the challenge of not having my dreams and curiosity to drown in that regret.
I am not crazy I tell myself over and over, but the more I say it, it becomes harder to believe it The small letters on the bottle read antipsychotic
Pushed over the edge I fight just to keepmy own sanity always pointed out what I do wrong or what I haven't done I try hard but maybe not hard enough Why isn't she proud? Why am I not good enough?
Alright so it’s been a while I feel like this is a journal entry to the lifestyle of myself So much to mention, so much to say All on this pad with what seems to be
I am a man, An American man of African and Hispanic descent, Our forefathers and foremothers frequencies suggest they are turning circles in their graves and pits. They dreamt of freedom and we enslave ourselves,
From time to time we all can't see clear , But it was the powerful words that made me hear. Then I began to realize the words that spoke so clear, like I believe in you and yes I am proud of you.
Be willing and able To acquire more knowledge Set your standards high As you enter college Never stop learning Continue to grow and make progress Broaden your world Reach for success
Success is key In the golden sea that is opportunity. But in this endless sea, Would you ever help me find my sanity? Can't you see? You are the enemy.
Always trying hard. Abusive devil drinks near. A senior I'll be .
All I need is success, this means I want to succeed. In whatever I do, I want to make sure I can make a difference. I would say all I need is poetry but I’m pretty sure you knew that already.
Poetry – because practice makes perfect Fiction was my first love, first poem I rejected It was terrible – oh so terrible Nonacceptable So I stopped writing ‘em for awhile
There is fear and there is comfort, But sometimes comfort is intertwined with fear Challenges Succeeding is the comfort of warm lavender bubbles enveloping your curves
Christina Rossetti said it best when She said, “There is no friend like a sister In calm or stormy weather;” it’s true, I Think, so sit down and relax, dear list’ner, As I describe my kind and brave sister.  
S, Someone please explain to me how we define ourselves U, Undermined, unloved, understood by none C, Cease the stronghold on this white washed country C, Cancel your freedom subscription the magazines void
Within, there must be that voice...The one to push you to succeed.For me, it tells me that all is okay,And I need to prepare for what I may see.  
Ive been thinking bout you a lot lately..Maybe a little too much..Breath stinking roaches on my tooth brush..Wishin i was on the road cooking like a food wishes grantedhate waking up now cus school sucks..  Eyes tearing up.Wish i had some
Building the building that builds my destiny starts from the foundation of my purpose. To discover is to recover to redirect the directions of my destiny.
I am young, hungry, ambitious I am Yond Cassius I crave success I relish challenge I have bark I have bite I am the tip of the ice berg The edge of a knife The start of something great
Living a life full dreams and pondering where I would be, fathoming the things of this world that I could bring. Staying humble and hard working is part of the game unless you give it up and end up in a life of shame.Why so ambitious.
How Far, how long, is the way down Is this the way to my crown So hard, so hard, impossible they say The only way to know is if its my way.
Climb the ladder sir  Climb it all the way to the top if ye hath to, don't fiddle with thy step Keep steady pace ongoing towards the light  Thy does not see?Why tis right above ye head 
    Who am I? A question asked by many Asked  by my job to score a penny I am an outspoken force to be reckoned with   What is your ethnicity? I am a Panamanian Princess
I'm not your average girl I stand alone in a big world determined to succeed but always being pressured by the world... I am determined to succeed but always put down by everything...
Everyone says that college is all about drinking. That college  is all about sex.  They say college  is the time to party, 
I am a dreamer. My mind is a playing field My goals are the starters, As my oppositions take the bench. But sometimes they get up No longer rooted They get a chance to take part in something
I follow the vast height of the mountain with my eyes and set my jaw with resolve. From climbing this rock I can only gain, but from a hill a mountain will evolve.
  Narrow minds stuck in wide subdivisions They are but hopeless strings on a Puppet Master’s creation
I emerge from ash
There is a light behind my eyes
Is not what you are that is holding you back. It's what you think you are not.
Sometimes in life, we find ourselves down It seems like nothing will help, not a thing will turn around I've felt this way before, it's not a new feeling But over the summer, I had an awesome experience
Press 'Play' so that life can begin. Be introduced into into a new world that you have never been. Fast forward to a better time and remind yourself along the way
Stayed up and studied all night, third week in a row. Patiently waiting for my test grade, athough i already know. Straigth A student since grade school, Nobody's better than me 
I wake up to a new days come, it's time to start bringing income. I'm no longer a carefree teen, it's time to become well aware to the world at seen. This world is based on money, sad but true, been knowing that since by the age of 2.
Everything is awesome, because not only flowers can blossom, that kid on the streets can too, or even that person that lost their job, and they don't know what to do. There are so many opportunities to succeed,
If poverty dwells your wallet
my castle is this city  from the basketball courts  to the train station downtown  my castle is this city  ocean beaches' waves jump and bow when my toes meet sand 
  It’s frustrating,
Melancholy only drives me to experience more: Love harder, brave the storm. 
2012 I am the subject of a tragedy. My dark brown eyes look down to hide the pain. The frown upon my lips urges you to turn away from me. I flinch at your affection, because I've seen 'love' hurt people.
The shadow of the candle flame flickers against the wall. Rhythmic melodies and beats creep their way into the ears.
Heart racing Adrenaline pulsing through the veins Inhaling deeply the crispy wind Slicing your throat
Measure it in the blood sweat and tears. In the miles I walk instead of run. In the stiff joints and long days. In the freedoms I lose and the troubles I gain.
They always begin with a cheerful smileOr an excessively sincere expression as though IHad just asked them to confess their darkest secrets.I don’t want their dark secrets; we all have those
Life,it's a funny concept really.
  Leigh Duncalf February 15th, 2015 Power Poetry Slam Scholarship What I Carry   I carry the crushing weight of Responsibility.
How can I say Im flawless  When the world tries to make me feel less How can I say I'm smart  When Im not on top of the honor roll charts The world tries to tear me down
How can I say Im flawless  When the world tries to make me feel less How can I say I'm smart  When Im not on top of the honor roll charts The world tries to tear me down
Beauty is courage.
Buffeted by the impurtuity of the wise, and thought a fool for false reasons-- who is to say that a man is not himself capable for his own short comings?
The path. What path? Which do you choose? What if you change your mind? Where do you go from there? The never-ending road to death. Mysterious, exciting,terrifying. Copious ways to fail.
Journey Toward Success I've always wanted to succeed, To show people what all I can be,
The refrain on my frame Left many to restrain Including myself. Until the doubt cleared and hope was on set I realized There's no bet.   Green, yellow, orange, red
I am Authentic I don't need the right lightening, or the right edit to have my picture get 1,000 likes or hearts. I am Authentic
As Isaac Asimov says, "Your assumptions are your windows on the world.
Girl let me tell you that i've been on the road though Singing songs of how I miss you A boat load
The road to success is marked with signs and always under construction. To make something new out of what was old, there must first be destruction.
i cant dream and im not sure why everything i've ever seen hurts me, i cant help it but when things get tough i feel like screaming these things just aint easy everybody wants to know if im insane
this life of mine is strange, i change, and people still dont recognize i fight but i never die, struggle and never cry it gets hard sometimes, god dealt me a wierd hand and its not easy to understand
Short atheletic boy striving for prosperity to help family
Breath and think. Breath and don't think. Release your feelings in words that are not spoken. Do not be tempted to anger as who you are. You are better than the hateful thoughts that plague your mind.
Never fail to notice your intuition Enduring life When it becomes chaotic Compelled to make rapid decisions My mind is gifted
  First, you will get knocked down. You will fall short of glory at some point. Pressure will be obvious. This big, intimidating world will seem to work against you; you may be held at the mercy of others.
Life Failure, Success Living, Striving, Winning Failure is just an obstacle Irony
You determine your success your life is up to you. Hard work, dedication, determination. Till its the only thing you know.  The struggle is real struggle is the only thing you feel.
always striving to Succeed  Driving to create a life for all to dream of.    
always striving to Succeed  Driving to create a life for all to dream of.    
Congratulations. Success is in the palm of your hand. Meanwhile, my palms are sweaty and my heart beats at a rate you wouldn't understand. Everything seems bland, since I don't give my colors a chance.
Shaping a life full of SUCCESS
Could you feel me leave; and climb so high to see the world at my feet? Steady storms ashore, but I'm the iris and I just want more   It's in the stars: the treble in my heart will be heard on Mars, for  
They told us we would never make it this far but if they could see how they look now. Like pinpricks of blood, dried and hardened, that were long ago shed and long since forgotten. And growing up we were always told,
I've always told myself... maybe one day, things will change, now things have changed i dont have to cry at a young age because im hungry now im making money, before i used to get beat up
Coach is talking the scoreboard buzzing final three seconds left, down by only one you feel like you weigh a ton as the sweat is dripping your palms plastered with blood the ref blows his whistle
Senior year turned cold one day. I fell on the ground and didn't have anything to say I held on my stomach and cried a little or more than that a nurse brought a wheelchair over on which i sat
success does not come to your hands, success does not fall on your hands, succes has to be found, you have to look for it. the secret to find success is initiative. every successful men has found this secret.
Zeal for Success  
  Since the moment you are created
Every Child Has A Dream, Wheter It's Playing Football, Or Making The Basketball Team.
I refuse to let you go
" Sometimes I'm just riding with the winds flow.
Am I wrong for wanting brighter days?  Am I wrong for trying to learn? Am I wrong for wanting sucesss? As i get older i feel judged on my every move. Why cant I grow up? Why cant I get wiser? Why cant I want to achieve my future success?
I am not three letters my whole existance  is not bound by the skin that is covering my soul by the body that is less than simply because I am larger than you they try to place scars 
One day I'll make it big One day I'll be remembered One day I'll stand strong like the cold trees in December My arms will ache My legs will shake and just about all of me will probably break
  To be successful you must be careful, try to allways be wise
Success is accomplishing your goals and never giving up keeping your head up being able to bounce back from failure Succes is what you live for
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but they will never kill me. Even if my pulse cease, I promise society will feel me. I refuse to die at the hands of civilization ... I create my own destiny.
A mask for the task at hand to find success and to be the best to draw peace from a green light in uncertain darkness i have to put up a fight although i know not where i'll land
What I see on the out, What I am feeling within, Success came when I cut off all my friends.
I love to read I CAN'T READ
I fear failure I long for success I love learning And I learn everyday   I like to imagine my future At the age of 22, I’d be graduated from college I would get up and get myself to work
Success What exactly is success? Is it striving to be the best? Is it forgoing your rest, so that you can ace the test, even if you were blinded?
I join the throngs of hungry people in aligning my life with the blueprint, desperate to complete everything perfectly in order to reach uptown utopia. Fear plagued everyday activities.
Some say you must hate to lose, more than you love to win.
Confidence is key. Key to self-trust       Key to trusting yourself             Key to taking chances                   Key to life Key to success Whatever succes really is
Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. —Albert Einstein
A question posed to a child, Explained. Will success mean to you  what it means to me? To be free, to be wealthy, Not knowing a day of fear,
Large and stuffy building, jam packed full and tight, Hundreds of students gathered, trying to do what’s right.   “Get an education!” they tell us every day, But what they fail to do, is to teach us the way?
  I am searching for an inspiration Something to allow me to get into action
Inspiration involves dedication Dedication involves passion Passion involves love
Ok I’m trapped in this world Matter fact, I’m trapped in my mind
Sometimes it takes shedding a tear to feel like your empty of a moment's despair. Were clear is as near as a windshield wipe upon a smear of fear.
With no red dot, with nothing new and hot, how can i shine? Bill and Grace both in my same race, but they're at a different pace. Is it my race? How far will i get
  People today focus on superficial interests They have a focus telling them that Sex is success Wealth is success Vanity is success Popularity is success
A Failure, A Reject, A Nobody. I will never again be Able to achieve my dream. Eventually, I will be Stuck here, doing nothing. I will never let myself be Put into a position like that again.
When our species is summoned  Brought from the unknown Where in is one's spirit shown? It is hidden deeply within only obviously felt when  you feel it radiating remembering where
I never knew I needed you to pass me through TSA TSA meaning: the success authority Which means I have to ask you if I'm permitted to succeed You believe I have to ask you to let me be
I AM COMPETITIVE AND FOCUSED I wonder what college athletics is like I hear ankles crack becuase the dude got crossed I see a "Gold" Ball
I keep telling myself
The days of my youth are so hard, but in a way kind.I can do anything I set my mind To. WIthout Knowing this, I would be blind.I will do whatever it takes to succeed.IT IS IN ME, I have everything I need. 
In my mind My flower's
I'm a beast to a dying breed, don't look past me though because I'm a fuckin' seed.
Success comes through opportunities thrown your way These opportunities are unexpected Which is why you have to take advantage of them Be smart, don’t take these situations or influential people for granted
Since they're older, they think they know what's best. But when asked the questions, they couldn't pass the test. It's hard enough to make it in this world, Without their input on our dreams being curled.
Silent Thoughts Thoughts, That’s all they are That’s all I make. Will they ever be any more? Will they ever be any less?
Faces of cursoriness, envy, hope, and excitement controls the room Wanting deeply to get the latest Some are trying to get a promotion on their first day Well respected eyes gleam of desire to be the one in all elitism
The white sandy beaches crash against the waves as if battling for the territory of land. The birds fly through the air sending signals of impending danger to their nearby relatives.
I may be on the bottom rung, But the top o' the ladder's where I want to be. Put my face on the soles of my shoes-- I want people to see it when they look up at me.   When I step out of my house,
One last shot I use to say
Hobby (noun) an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation
I am the first in my family to go to college I just wish I can get more acknowledge I consider myself smart  But I can be very critical on myself for the most part I am an independant women who has many goals
An easy road I've not knownMy struggle is real
Give me time To change the world To blossom and fly To metamorphasis
Living out of bags Going from friends to friends When Life gets this bad When It ends, It ends You put the buzzed to the side Cause you know they've lost your mind And the world says you lost
Try, try again.  Never give up.  Life is full of ups and downs.  Dont cut it short.  Try, try again.  Never give up. 
A brown leaf  in an autumn breeze
We often ask ourselves how we can ease someone else’s pain When our own hurt is too much to take
  Going to college, my Momma is proud, “My son is successful,” She can say it out loud.   High school was hard, Not the smartest one But now I’m a man, My journey has begun.  
Dreams What do they mean? Are they really just the end goal? Or unrealistic fantasies One my dream of fam or fortune And what a wonderful dream that is But I? I dream to make a difference
She comes to meNot only listening, but living what I speak. She steps up to the plate.She swings.She succeeds. The creditall given to her,but she thanks me.
I used to wake up hoping to play this great game one day. Now I wake up dying to make it each day. Oh if things had gone my way to the tee, I probably have been all smiles, more happy.
As the blood bubbles upon my pale skin;
Patience is an elemental virtue,   Even as minds are writhing, Mingling and beating together, In a flawlessly mortal cadence,   Our bodies are entwined in a disconcerting dance,
a job will make you money, but a career is about a dream. jobs will take you far though, and show what your career really means.   a job isn't about the salary or about power or looking good;
I refuse to be knocked down, you will never see me on the ground. If i'm down, i will rise,
I strive and strive to reach the top. Never ever thinking to stop. All I hear is “Go harder, Keep pushing!” and “Be number 1!” But what if number 2 is all I got? They claim words don’t hurt,
Nobody can do it like you Working hard everyday To make your dreams come true I wanna be in that "Miss Independent" Life Just so I can say "Mama I made it and all the fake people hated"
Four years of college Four years of math Four years of science in every science class General speaking which I hate the most But when it comes to English i always take the gold
What is in my way? In the way of my dream? Incorrect phrasing. Who is in my way? Is it the society that surrounds me? No. Is it my dad who wants me to be a money-maker? No.
Welcome to
Drive. Drive for one job. One shot. I have one chance to succeed. It’s my only option. Failure won’t be tolerated. Can’t isn’t in my vocabulary. I’ll do what I need to make it.
The child wanted to be an artist until she saw one with talent. The child wanted to be a teacher, but her slight lack of patience would destroy her.
A dentist I want to be. A dream that I want to meet. Hard journey it is. But is all for me. Is only one job. It going to be known. Ill do my best. To be up there. I want to suceed.
One decision, one dream, one job The one job that will change my life forever For the better, I believe
To see the Sky. That's my prize.
Music is something I have always loved. Music and I, are like peanut butter, and jelly. Like two peas in a pod. Like ying, and yang. You get my rift we just mesh well together. Music is what inspires me.
Find YOURSELF Place a foundation of POSITIVITY Add a abundance of
Dreams of my future All contain fuzzy pictures of my goal. Perhaps I’ll heal wounds by sewing sutures Or checking vitals and removing cancerous moles. No one category is completely chosen
Persistence is thisodd thing.It pushes us past our limits—it is an unpresedenceof our capabilities. It is fueled by a why and produces a legacy.
These words I'm spilling may not be quite clear, a job is not a career. Let us not strife, but a job cannot change my life.   To see your reflection and see success, must be the best.
I dream it I breathe it I feel it I want to be it Success  
Poetry is life at its simpliest form,Something the naked eye can't see.It's your Imagination beyond its wildest dreams.From the soul, Not the brain
Potential is what I see when I look in in the mirror staring at me. Thousands of ways to help the world... But will I be so ever bold? To work one of my destined careers, That helps both of Earth's hemispheres?
I’m sinking. Store bought water wings Are full of holes. My cheap tweety bird education Through public registration
I'm stuck in a place that is good for me, It sucks, its hell ,it's weak to me. Academics are great, and so is the school, But the people all here act like a fool. I go to a school that's a hidden gem
I drift in and out of sadness Explode with manic madnessI can't control your loveOr make you wish you had this But it's sad - thisBottomless hungerHeart -  banging like thunderSitting up at night 
If I could change one thing I would end discrimination based on race. It's not about our skin color We're all the same.   Colleges ask you to state your race But why does that matter?
Average. Normal. Nothing. Invisible. Wallflower. Silent. Passion quelled, pooling in hidden reserves. Opionions held, restrained without words.
Since I've been in high school I thought I was so cool Getting straight A's Hey, it really pays Started doing college apps and took the ACT Made a good score and saw my future before me
Your time today could be your last
I have experienced flightWings gave me strengthOpportunities floated in the blue skyI reached I walked through fireTemptations beckoned me
College is a beautiful thing. Without it, I'd probably be in a sling or a slum, hanging out with some bum. College is great for the brain. Without it, I would be in everlasting pain.
You are special in every way You are simply cute all round You emergence into my world is awesome You brought hope, peace, joy, laughter, wealth and love
Life Live it up Wake up to a new day And seize it Carpe Diem Seize the day  But which day are you really seizing? Today? Yesterday? Tomorrow? Will you go and grab next Tuesday?
Free to be whatever I fancy Free to be the grandest To record the world like Tom Clancy Or take the climb atop Mt. Everest Perhaps heal the wounded with my hands
Seen as a player, but many timez I've been played
I Am Self-Discipline. Brilliance. Dedication. I Am Beautiful. Young. Emancipated. I Am Success. I Am Blessed.
I am young and willing to succeed I came from poverty, i come from a family of low self esteem i come from a neighborhood of crushed dreams but im faithful and i believe ill succeed
My education Never-ending Full as can be
Yeah they'll throw your name in the dirt. Shake it off, don't listen to them. It's about your future. keep your eyes on track, ignore their words. Do your work, study hard, do better.  Make decisions better.
Behind those Red Lips is a crooked smile. Behind those shining eyes is a fear for the future. Behind that flawless face Are imperfections.
woke up w
It seems like only yesturday that I was just a little lad and now that I am grown my family is very glad   I can not help but feel that after all these years I grew up so big and tall
Take ones adversity,
Is this what you want? The question of my century. I sat in my Case Management professor’s office today discussing my progress in the course and my plans after graduation
Always trying to do better and doing everything by the letter . doing what i need to do doing eveyting to stay in school.
The rush is so great Better than any drug out there Starting at a young age I became addicted quite easily  I didn't know how much it could tear you down  and also bring you back up 
Another day, Wasting away in Plywood “desks”, Learning about What he/she did But nothing about
I'm the type of guy who tries not to say "I" Because when I saying "I"  is showing too much pr"i"de.   'I' was raised that way believing there is a link to the philosophy of my kind
Our education system has got to do better. I know nothing is perfect, but we can not go on like this forever. Kids using profanity instead of the intellect God gave them.
Who are you to tell me what potential is? The groomed, upstart young children Getting ever luckier While the rest Wait For their chance to shine and blow it When they realize they’re so behind
You talk in such a droning voice, I'm falling asleep, it's not my choice. What you keep trying to teach me lacks logic, and I'm learning nothing, isn't that ironic?  
  The Point of Being   Transition It has all converged So long I’ve yet waited and so fast departed
School is where we come to learn and get an education and be successful.
You can't build success just on swag That's like going school in a trash bag You can't party all day sleep all night You must work to your best just to make it right Sure you can walk with that hint of sauce
School just isn't your thing, huh? says my teacher as I sit with my head in my palms.   That may be the case I tell her.   For now that is.
All day long, I think about your class,
We're often exposed to music  We're often exposed to violence What you don't really hear of is becoming greater than yourself. You can achieve greatness, you can achieve more.
Here I am, just me, Standing on the mountain top. I have changed, renewed.
I can feel the emotions stirring, raising, Embracing me in a feeling of heartache. As the other soldiers join the battalion,  I am sent home only to to say, "Why did this happen to me?"
Time winds down. Tick. Tock. Crunch time, ten seconds on the clock. Pass the ball then take the shot. Swish! Autographs in the parking lot.  Everyone sees all the smiles and cheers,
Playing Paul VI. Camden Catholic's biggest rival. Down 52-50 with 20 seconds remaining. Cole steps onto the court playing in his first playoff game. He rubs his hands along the back of his shoes to remove the dust and quickly squeaks his shoes.
Define success: Fame and Fortune, currency and connections. Define success: A bigger salary, better house, more things. Define success: Free money, hand-outs, favors, all take and no give. no.  
For a friend I've since lost, this was his challenge to me: "Write me a poem in five minutes. Free verse, but I like rhymes. I dare you to make it fit me to a T, make it totally and completely me." And so, I did.
At dawn she'll sleep forever,Rest in peace her tortured soul,Have you ever? Seen an angel without wings?"If you love something set it free" ,Is what I used to believe, Before I Let go of what I Love,
Above is where I want to be, Success is all that can see. The top will be hard to reach, But the will to try is easy to teach. Reaching my dreams is all that I think,
What is happiness? What defines success?   Give me money, and I will spend it to the last penny. Give me Jewelry and I will wear it until it’s weary.
The future is important to me I believe that i will succeed I love when I accomplish my goals because it means i am closer to becoming a CEO I know life is full of challenges  but i am ready to handle them
Don't you see the look? I glance away 24 more problems in a book More homework for another day   I can't see the board Can't understand what you write My test didn't have a good score
You Wont remember me, I am just a check on your clipboard, a failure to ignore, a name to forget. The money is the reason you stay. Its fine by me, I mean its only my future at stake. Thats just it- iam a mistake. My troubles dont keep YOU awake.
I asked myself, what the FUCK is education? A nine letter noun that involves complete concentration... I ended up searching the actual definition, the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction.
Education is a necessity, I won't allow it to get the best of me. Some are too cool for school, But when im successful they will look like a fool. Your success is based on your education. Nobody wants that permenant vacation.
We are too alike, I now know that's why we do not bend we break. When the clocks ticks hasten and you swear you cannot breathe you cannot speak nor hear you can see through to me.
"Playful, yet serious" I've been called. "Humoristic, yet dedicated" I've been tagged. "Lazy, yet diligent" I've been seen as. "Slacker, yet focused" I've been recognized as.
I am just an ordinary guy. No special talents, Good fortune, Recognized name, Extraordinary abilities, Or good luck. Yet from life, I want so much more than most ordinary people.   
whY is iT that i Should Listen to YoU? A teacheR. figUre of Authoritative ContRol?  Are You Succesfful? I see Sorrow in Your eyes.  You Teach firsT because it IS your Job. Not because of want. 
Picture yourself being on top of the world, winning every battle that has come to you with quick in easy fashion. Now with all that glory and fame you are defeated by someone who now has your spot, glory, and fame. What do you have in mind now?
Education is the key to success The mind is the metal of the key It can be easily inscribed Some rusted and hard With the right materials
Dreaming of success... Preparing for the future... Go education!!
Dreaming of success... Preparing for the future... Go education!!
numbness is what I feel most when I am alone. tears rarely streak across the flecked cream of my shell in solitude all the while
You tell me that I cant succeed You say my dreams are not logical You repeat the things you think I should do.. But I tell you that you'll see my success I say to you my dreams are reality and will be met
Where is the dream that I once held close? Did it run from the mistakes? I haven't seek a brighter day, but seized the moment.   I've created a moment that will make me, Infinite.
Where can I go but up? The ladder falls away I can't look back anyway clouds ahead; desert behind I walk into nowhere and nothing Hoping for a miracle But I don't know what I'll find
If you haven't noticed, I need a scholarship, And it just so happens, you tend to give them out, I'm just here typin,  like every other kid, what makes me special, is I'm takin time,
Mr. King, Mr. king.  You allowed us all to dream. you may have gotten shot for your dream, but thanks to you we all now have a shot to our dream.  My people are the "Dreamers"
What I expect is unlikely to see A school full of life and possibilities People try to tear you down Rather than build you up; they shatter, all your hopes and dreams What I imagined isn't ideal 
This class is trash half of the things I'm learning is irrrelavant, Why do i need to know how to disect a frog in this experiment ?, Why do I need to share an egg with a boy I dispise ?,
We work hard for it, wanting it to be true. Stopping at nothing, through every obstacle busting through. Rejecting the shadows, Accepting the paddles And holding on for dear life to the saddles. 
When you look back at history you notice certain patterns How people fought for rights or did things that mattered MLK said he had a dream Some stated what they believed  
It began when a little girl raided through her mother’s old clothing on a rainy, summer afternoon. Boxes and bins began to empty as she set aside only the best and most hopeful of the pieces.
Cranial cage imprisoning a sage, trying to replace grey matter and old age. Wisdom stored, long decomposed. Energy transformed, neither created nor destroyed,
Changing everythingI once crawled, but now I flyNothing can stop me
I close my eyes and dream what will my life hold for me. I'm curious about the many adeventures and opportunities that life will bring to me. They may not all be good but,
  Father, forgive me for I have sinned; But worse than the others, I’ve sinned against him. Father, forgive me for I have sinned; But given the choice we both know I’d do it again.  
You're not good enough, That's what mommy always said, Whenever I got a B instead of an A, That is, after screaming at me for being such a failure. She said this when my first boyfriend broke up with me,
Once I was hit in my back so hard I didn’t understand how the death I am destined to meet escaped me.
Im done dreamin' I havent made no progress from that So instead im schemin'  How Im gon' get this cream?  And Im tired of talking of when we gone get it What about right now it aint' no time limit
Honestly, where im from success doesnt come around commonly You're successful if you survive a lifetime in my shoes Successful if you're not related to violence and are broadcasted on the news
Seconds flow loosely, water on clenched fists We smile and speak loud, eyes betraying our wits Shadows hunt life, and life takes its toll Everyone scrambles for thier ultimate goal.  
WE WILL MAKE IT IF WE TRY We all want success, we want to get the taste of happiness Yet we sit around as days, weeks, even months go by; not putting forth our very best
Sometimes we give up, even without an endeavour,Convincing the soul we can’t win, hopeless.Well, that’s not the way it works my friend,You don't succeed if you don’t try,And you never win if you never lose. Success is tasteless, failures add the t
               What is success? This word everyone hopes to achieve,  But!!! yet can't take the pre cautions. They talk of this word success like It's the new gossip in town    or the talk of the day, But!!!
I am not important, neither is my name, just know that I love you and I'll take away the pain. Someone's always there to help you dry your tears, you'll never be alone.
A time of weaving Only the elite survive Success will ensue
I Write For The Ones Younger Than I A Sight To See Further Than The Sky Happy Faces Dream Places Success In Me Shows Greatness In Them Singing For Her Sports For Him
As The Days Pass On We See What Could have Been What Might Have Been But Never Will Be   We Move On But Never Forget Bout What Occurs In Our Past And Lingers In Our Memories  
They say a dream is a wish your heart makes But your heart doesn’t warn you of all the roadblocks it will take: The sleepless nights, The negative opinions of even your closest allies, Society’s judgment,
When you feel like giving up,  And you just want to die. Remember all the people you love, And who would want you to try. When everything is going wrong, And life seems like a sad song.
Heart trembling, mind racing, palms sweaty, thinking.....  Will the good thoughts roll or will the bad thoughts take control As life unfolds the crincles in the paper leave me caustrophobic in a tight place 
This life is mine You tell me to play soccer You tell me to learn piano Yet you say this life is mine You tell me to succeed in life To succeed in school But, what is success Shouldn’t I figure that out But, you know best I will never to best Beca
Where is the help? Money is the focus, The goverment may cause money to disappear like hocus pocus While the  children are left helpless, hopeless No arm, leg nor brain to grow,
The Nigerian Hierarchy   If I drove a Lexus instead of a Honda Would you agree? Would it be vice versa if my skirt landed above the knee...
  If they don't know your dreams They can't shoot them down. Open your eyes child, those pyros are burning 'round. Emptyed my bowl filled with hopeless immunities.
Round of applause Picture me everyday on your tv screenHard to believe but it's possibleAm I living in the land of opportunity?Not reallyI am the hope of the pain stricken slave. 
I let them drag me down I was a mess I was so far underground Trapped in darkness   They kicked me around Laughed through their teeth Kicked again when I was down
Against all odds I will succeed, I will be what doubting mouths said I can’t be. Success is the achievement of something intended or desired, my desire is to reach higher to be brighter.
I appreciate to be writing freely Because now I can describe my life I come from a small town without much money And my family would be better of without this strife   When I was middle-aged boy
I write for success I write to get a point across I write in order to communicate I write swifter than an albatross I write because I have an opinion I write because it takes away stress
Sometimes going through depression is what makes a person It gives a glimpse of reality A vision with everlasting loneliness and destroyed self-image This emotion holds one hostage
What did giving up ever solve The sadness, hate and woe Never seeking the future, to evolve The potential inside you don’t know
And then I was gone The past, only a memory My wings of successs 
She made me cry. She left a scar. She hurt me every way possible.   She didn't mean to. She didn't mean not to. She still did.
How do you measure the meaning of success is it by your bank account and your fancy dress......Perhaps it's your shiny new car or the way you rub elbow withall  the famos stars.......Some people try to measure it by their position in life or by sh
I look around me, and what I see are giants, towering, mastering, so alive. They build and create monuments--no room for me-- While I am merely an ant, no matter how I strive.  
Is education the key to success? Education alone does not change the world; it is merely a part of that change. Thoughts, determination and perseverance, on the other hand, hold a bigger part in the key to success.
Have you ever just looked out and saw everything you couldn't formulate an explanation to captured through the simple essence of nature For instance take this cruise,
The world is so broad and wideFull of the imperfection only one could define,from the slashes here and there that lies up on one’s body, it’s hardly fairStanding As reminders of each scar
I’m not an exceptionTo the ruleYet, I try so hardI’m like one grain in the sandA particle in the skyI’m nothing but a spectacleYet, I try so hard
What’s hard enough to chip a diamond? I don’t know, but I’m pretty cracked. Yet I have learned to refract trials and tribulations into ROY-G-BIV’s of hope and celebration.
I am young girl living in a confused world.You see. I can be happy at times, but the devil comes in and defeats me at times.Negativity comes in,people bringing me down to the point where I break down.
Have you ever seen a breeze? But you couldn’t feel it No screen or television involved That’s where I’m at in my life
My team will always stay together through the good and the bad. We all stand together, not alone, on and off the basketball court.              My team will always stay together.
The devil sits beside me, undresses from his clothes Says he wants to love me, the only love I've ever known. He kisses with his lips, but doesn't mean it in his eyes The only thing he loves
Happy moments I tend to despise because life isn't so easy and these are the tears I cry. They say nothing lasts forever so why should my happiness, it'll just die.
the light in your eyes that shines when you laugh used to light up my world and my world was a small town and our little house with our big garden and it was comfortable
We step outside to an unknown world Thinking, Believing this is how it’s supposed to be get strapped into the illusion of our so called reality and we get blinded by the lies deprived of our true potential
I intend to leave my footprints wherever I go Where I'm going only the heavens know I'm going to live my life,not fast, but slow Indulging in the hardships of becoming successful Walk in my shoes, my life is anything but a joke Travel from being h
In my mind I stand here, a symbol of success, suppressed in silence that sits in a place surrounded by violence
As i walked into the student filled building, my anxiety levels sky rocketed, i wondered if i was to be accepted in this new place of mine, i looked to my left and to my right, my blood in my veins boiling
(I open my eyes and see no male figure there trying to reach for a person with no care how can someone not care of about a child you helped to get here
The dream deferred died and came back to me in the form of the word “rise”, It built a sentence with the subject as me and the verb as survive, That’s the unfortunate state of mind ,
oh lonely wolf, your heart is crying out for help and so you howl at the moon, venting a prayer full of angst as you don't understand the ways of the heavens so you howl even more in the mystic silence
Now the mask of nonentity has been lifted for the world to see That your voice was given with great personality, It's difficult to be who you were predestined to be when the familiar faces you see only criticize your identity,
From the bottom you have fear, and after failure procrastination for a year. Slowly but surely you work your way up. Now halfway full is how i picture my cup. I'm steady on the path of yelling IM HERE!
I'm on my way, I have twelve weeks. I count the days, Success I seek. As time passes I reminisce, picking classes, I enjoy this. I must be strong. To stand a chance,
She stumbled She fell She got up and she walked. She stumbled she fell She got up And she walked. She stumbled She fell And she stayed there.
People scurry through the Maze of Life Like mice. Never slowing, never stopping. Focused only on finding an exit, And reaching that big hunk of cheese, Accomplishing that goal.
The Acre of Broken Dreams (Ghetto Concrete Lines) By Majae Brown Jackson and Pulaski Broken acre of Dreams From which many weeds grew
I welcome you to the world, my friend, and know you're on a mission. But I must tell you something, so please, I ask, just listen. CONGRATULATIONS! You're time has come! I know you worked so hard!
The impartial grooves and ridges of my body would not tell me any lies. I don't want to put names to these thoughts because if angry wasps can sting, they will. I am tired of the attack--and redness--
Its just the mere discrepancy of realizing what is happening around me The dark pages that start unfolding from the past Constantly reminding me of before Hurt cutting through me as tears slowly dwell from my eyes
I never was an average kid. While the other brothers workin' in their savage cliques, I was workin' on my grade point averages.
(poEducation is relevant for a person to be successful. Education empowers a person to become a leader. Great opportunities are presented to professionals. The future of a Person can be fickle if she lacks education;
I find myself wandering Lost Just walking Pacing Back and forth Thinking About changes That can be made Changes That can bring about my escape My heart races At the slightest ideas Lifting off into space From this place Called Earth Where people s
Everyone has dreams. Only few wake up and chase them. The sleep are sheep. who can't release, grips, from the nation. Stricken in poverty. This can't be life, Obviously. GOD didn't put us here
What do you call success does it show who is the best Is it the opposite of homeless or does it mean no stress Having money will allow you to get cars and clothes Sure you get hoes, but you cant keep them hoes
Realistically, I was fine. On paper, everything was more than alright. I worked hard, and I technically was a big part of all the great things. I always wanted-- want--more. Man, isn't that the American way.
Untamable This space is cold The name I chose became the main chain-reaction to maintain with a brain too strange for the average face to smile at so brace and don't hate just cope I came to hold
When you feel as if nobody is there, look around, think , there is so much to share. Even if you were on the streets, sleeping on a bed with no sheets, or sitting in a living room with no seats.
It's almost here As I count down the days, I can't help but feel scared I leave my old life behind to pursue something new Looking at the cap and gown hanging beside me I can't help but feel like crying
Education A nine lettered word that could change the world It could help every little boy or girl Math, History, English and Science You move on from the power of defiance
School is out of my budget But the rich love it The poor hate it Because I can't make it The rich laugh at my struggle While the poor support my hustle I live within my means
That look is a look that can be seen a thousand miles. That look changes lives and create smiles. That look flows from a mother's approval to a daughter's heart. That look shows that the girl is smart.
I am lost in the expanse of the night sky. Forever wandering amongst the beacons of light that fill this endless Cartographer's Dream. Waking only to forget what I have learned.
We live in a world where Our generation is frowned upon because of what they THINK we will do. But the MAN can not hold us down with LOST DREAMS
miss after miss those days you just can't hit you're not good enough you might as well quit lacking patience, losing all determination trying to make it to college a first generation
Failure comes as fast as it goes Though no one knows Flowing trials and tribulations We learn from mistakes taken As ones who awaken While promises break in Habits used to form a test.
People want to make you feel down. They want to cause an embarrassment for yourself. Lookin' like trash. Make a pose. A flash with confidence. Don't get ahead of yourself Where pride comes into play.
We're just watching time pass  Sitting around Being clowns Playing with the rules When we're all bound To do great So why wait? Why sit around & contemplate on our already planned-out fate?
Books are long and papers are hard. No one truly knows where one went wrong. We try and try to succeed everyday. And sometimes it pays off. Other days it smacks you clean in the face.
So scared and diminutive she looked craddled in that corner... completely unresponsive with short quick spasms to let us know she was still here. this could have all been avoided of course,
I take a deep breath and I feel the evil exiting, His will is in me and I know I’m finally listening Goosebumps and shaky hands as I know this is real Can’t play pretend when the light is shinning, it’s my time to reveal
man you KNOW that ain’t your house on mtv cribs. I bet you don't even watch mtv. You and your girl each got like 3 kids, and both ya’ll together made less than 3 hits.
I remember thinking, it doesn't get better than this. I felt fully alive. Deeply content. Excited. Loved. Full. This was the day I fell in love. I made a special effort to start a newly found relationship.
Take a deep breath and brace yourself. Take your steps 'til accomplishment is felt. Move ahead three steps at a time or what works best for you. Don't ever stop or miss your cue, because success doesn't move without you.
i've heard that fame isn't everything but i want it all i will admit i'm shallow completely devoted to aesthetics cold as ice and hedonistic too is it so wrong to live in pursuit of pleasure?
My future is already set, My application processed, On my way to Jacksonville State. It's you and I who determine our fates.
Shuffle, Look, Smell, Run It's that time of day again Splash, puddle, run Have to get to class Look up, look down, run? No, a piece of paper Read "Dear you, slow down"
Those who fear the unknown often become afraid of Everything. They think they are righteous in fearing What is intangible. They think they are Protecting themselves. They are wrong.
In the penetrated sky i await For the delicious prey to reappear I ready the unforgivable bait And lure the wandering target thats near. The sweet dulling scent of loveable food
When nothing could be seen darkness and pain was all that could be felt I turned my face to the sun and behind me the shadows fell the right path is not always etched in stone
A distant Utter; a mythical Stutter? In Youth, is It serious truth? Must be fictitious; It is never to be serious. But Observe! Another undefined curve! For Play or For Real? They May both Seal.
Sometimes I feel lost in the dark But I can hide it with a smile And wait for the stars Before reaching high Challenges. My plans are like fogged glass And nothing is new
I am a charismatic girl, with big goals and aspirations I wonder where I will be in about 5 years from now I hear encouraging words from the angels watching over me in heaven
Tackle the dreams of a thousand human beings Gaze upon their souls to serve a meaning Failure is not an option while tormented Road blocks are plowed by the strength of senses
Success, Its not about what you do to get there or how you do it, it is about you putting everything into one life that you just have no strength left, fighting through all the obstacles trying to think of what's next,
I love falling. Tripping, Aching, Hurting my knees. I love being hurt. I adore the gnawing pain and heartache, And I revel in the feeling of loss. The words, "No, you can't!"
She was, Independent, Smart, Diligent, Now she is, Despondent, Weak, Pathetic-- She was, my Idol, my bestfriend, My Mother. Now she is, a Lush, a deadbeat, A Stranger--
In this great Melting Pot is there really room for more ingredients? Careers New Life Education They want it all Seeking far and low To become new creations Carrying stress and pressure on behind
To be someone's inspiration, desire and success. To be their muse, have a connection and inner bliss. A sentimental passion, I want that.
Inspiration Thought Process A dream achieved Faces a dream deferred A dream achieved Means success occurred A dream achieved Had mountains to climb A dream achieved
I want to defy gravity I want to touch the sky I want to float through the air I want to be visible to human eye
I. Think of a Polaroid, with its thick, white border around my snapshot of Kadeem, little boy with shiny onyx skin squatting behind white bars on my uncle’s porch by himself.
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