Farther Than What Lies Ahead

Love ambitiously flowing through my veins;

All of the qualities you possess allow my heart to never rest;

As relationships are always put to the test;

Sometimes it’s okay to feel emotional pain,

But as long as it conveys a healthiness amongst us and can be tamed,

Never feel as if we aren’t meant for eachother because our affection floats at the crest,

And open communication between us shall immune the desire to confess.

Because this conformity will most like convey us to crave the presence of each other.


Trust will always allow us to live pleasantly together;

It’s what creates a bond of reliability and confidence;

And along with trust is respect which can serve as a guidance;

For the fun times that will we will forever cherish and if we do blister,

These joyful moments we remember will be the key to the builder,

Of our mutual foundation once again.


The attraction lingering between us will always be what motivates our commitment;

Commitment to where we see no one else that we’d rather be with;

And for honesty that means we see a common ground that is consistent;

There will be no room for lies because the love we have is too blithe,

So as these traits are almost like a ligament that connects our hearts forever.


Goals together will only allow us to build our future, and therefore;

Our love and affection that is solely possible with all these understandings,

Will forever take us farther than what lies ahead. #BecauseILoveYou


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