Hard Work


Time winds down. Tick. Tock.

Crunch time, ten seconds on the clock.

Pass the ball then take the shot.

Swish! Autographs in the parking lot. 

Everyone sees all the smiles and cheers,

Overlooking all the blood, sweat, and tears.

The work put in is often ignored,

But it pays off. Thank the Lord.


First one in the gym, last one out.

Hard work and dedications is what it's all about.

Fun and games until I step into the game.

Love to win, hate to lose, so remember the name.

I just wanna win. I'm a comptitive guy.

I always have been and will be until I die.


I am not the best or the super star,

But I know that my work will take me far.

I go the games and warm the bench every day

But I don't ever let that get in my way.

I still go to the gym every day and work hard.

Then I go home and shoot hoops in my front yard.


It may not turn out the way I want it too,

But at least I'll know that I perservered through

All of the criticism and doubt

That tried to block off my route,

The route that led me to what I love,

As well as the God given talent that was sent from above.

The work put in is often ignored,

But it pays off. Thank the Lord.


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