There's that one word...

It keeps me from succeeding...


It's bound to happen,

So why try to be


I do nothing

Because I won't win.

I miss chances

Because I don't have


I quit before I start

Because of inevitable



Never again.

I say never again.

Never again will I stop myself 

From doing good.

Never again will I continue to

Hold myself back.

Never again will I keep

Letting my fears control me.

Never again will I use 

My anxiety as a shield.

Never again will I promise

To do something and not show up

Because of fears.

Because of fears that shouldn't be here.

Because of fears that make no sense.

Because of fears that keep me from being true to the myself.

Fears that come from a wild imagination.

Fears that come from the bright mind I posess.

The mind that is capable of so much.

The mind that used to push me to succeed

The mind that used to bring up only happy things.

My mind.

My true mind.


The me that everyone once knew.

The me that strived for the best.

The me that was afraid of nothing except not giving my all.

The me that didn't care if I failed.

The me that is powerful.

The me I'm afraid of letting out.

The me that only comes out with the people I love.

The me that comes out with people I trust.

The me that lets people see that I'm not perfect.

The me that embraces my flaws.

The me with a spunky and eccentric personality.

My real personality.

My true personality.

My weird personality.

My slightly annoying personality.

My caring personality.

My teasing personality.

My selfless personality.

The personalities that few have seen.

The personalities I want to show the world.

The personalities that make...


All I have to do is...

Find myself.

Face my fears.

Figure myself out.



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