Scared Mountain Still Standing


Buffeted by the impurtuity of the wise, and thought a fool for false reasons-- who is to say that a man is not himself capable for his own short comings? Was being born of twisted eyes and maligned mind for reading and writing and seeing the world enough to condemn the soul of one lost boy?

But the dyslexic mind can be tamed, and was with will and way toward better day when man would rise above and prize the fact that though buffeted, scorned, beaten down and benighted by bold and brash men who would wind one away into a deep and dark well, I was still standing. And no percieved weakness to others could be one such to me, for only has it made me stronger, more able to interpret the world and words and wisdom of the ancients, and lay claim my own destiny to reach out and uplift those who would be trodden down for being like me. 

A flaw some may say? No, no, it is not as if life is a play and we who struggle are the fools-- except in the Shakesperian manner where knows the fool more the truth. Yes, yes, call it a flaw, but this flaw has made me strong. That is why I'm flawless.


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