Life's Pleasure

The shadow of the candle flame flickers against the wall. Rhythmic melodies and beats creep their way into the ears. The day's end has arrived on this day, T&D salutes those who are discovering a new way of living life. The purpose in life is artistically constructed by each day that passes. Few find happiness in money and others find it through public service ultimately gaining happiness. In the lives of many, they chose between either and continue living. Both are achievable. 
By spreading the wealth of your successes to those around you, you will achieve life's ultimate gift and finding happiness. The ability to share. Time is limited on this Earth. T&D finds that days are supposed to be short and breathtaking moments long. It is not immoral to accomplish goals and dreams in your life for yourself, but accomplishing those feats and sharing the experience with others to encourage them to live like or more unique, lavish, or eccentric lives. Life's Pleasure stands right before you. Reach out and take it. 
-T&D Editor

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My community
My country
Our world


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