Impoverished Success

It took me 17 years 

and a miserable day where I was told I was useless to learn that 

We've been taught happiness

is success

And the large majority interpret success 

as money

as luxury

as materialistic possessions


How deluded these people are

I feel pity for those, chasing success as an endless void 

There is no limit to this superficial success

They will decay slowly only to realize the insignificance of their chase


Yet our entire society is founded on the principle of success

Kids the age of 5 now

saying, "I want to be rich, have a mansion, a plane."

Instead of 

“I want to change the world”

No ambition 



However, how can you blame us

We go to school only to "propel" them to success

Take classes where they have no intention of learning

no interest

And if you enjoy the arts, you are tagged 



no success

And if you try to innovate 

Be different 

you are weird


no happiness


Opportunity trumps materialistic possession 

Don't tell others they can't


Success is not objective, it is purely subjective

It is whatever I want it to be 

whatever you want it to be 

Whatever anyone wants it to be 


I will be successful


This poem is about: 
Our world


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