Ascent to Fearlessness

Failure is a creature of the darkness,

But I can see it clear as day.

A monstrous entity of terror,

Feeding off the smallest of insecurities.

Its grasp is ever tightening,

Choking me with every passing moment.

A plea for help is my best chance,

But I cannot utter one out loud;

It has stolen my voice.


In the dark of the night it whispers

Doubts and fears and dreads,

Things that I dare not say out loud.

I scream silently for it to end.

Failure’s laugh echoes through my mind;

It tells me it will never stop,

That I will never be good enough.

I believe it.


The voice is different now.

There is something familiar about it;

I’ve heard this voice before.

It is repeating Failure’s words,

Tearing me apart with every syllable it speaks,

A never-ending barrage of cruel whispers.

I know whose voice it is—

It is my own.


There is a shift as a song rises from within.

Some deep desire has awakened,

Calling out to me with every beat of my heart.

It sings of successes beyond my wildest dreams,

Spinning dreams and hopes for the future.

The pure tone drives out the darkness,

Chasing Failure from its hide-out,

Never to be heard from again.


Suddenly I am soaring,

Flying forth from the shadows

Towards the brightening horizon.

My arms open wide

As I laugh with glee,

The song growing louder and louder.

Nothing can touch me from here;

I am stronger than before.

I can accomplish anything.

This is what it is to be fearless.

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