As I stand alone,

on this mesmerized Earth,

I think about my future

and how much it is worth.

I try to get the best

out of any opportunity that comes my way.

I learn from it,

and then determine if it has any effect on what the future has to say.

I take my opportunity,

and let people here my every last word.

For as I give them out,

my main purpose is for me to be heard.


I want to grow up,

and be successful in life.

Hopefully, one day I will have two kids

and an independent wife.

I hope my kids will grow up

and be more successful than what I will become.

And live their life,

stay safe, and have fun.


People that I meet,

are always impressed by my appearance.

They say that I seem professional,

intelligent, and coherent.

It makes me feel important,

and that my life is going somewhere.

It has me wondering, where would I go,

and how would I get there.

The reason is because my enlightment, strategies, and personality

is what makes me the best,

and my positive attitude, along with God

leads me to my success.


                                        -Oscar McClain






Once i go to college,

I will get my education.

I would neither second-guess myself,

nor fall upon hesitation.


I want to become successful in life,

and live my dream.

Hopefully, become a millionaire

and bless unfortunate families.


In order to acheive that goal,

I have to go to college.

Learn as much as I can,

and try to maintain all of the knowledge.

Then, I would further it,

and use it for the greatest.

Once I get to my dream,

I will thank God because I made it.


But, it all starts with COLLEGE!!!



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