We're just watching time pass 
Sitting around
Being clowns
Playing with the rules
When we're all bound
To do great
So why wait?
Why sit around & contemplate
on our already planned-out fate?
Why not be great now?
Why not find out how?
Make a difference
You act like you're not allowed
I mean, you're living a humdrum life
Life's the same
Making Facebook drama
Or playing video games
You see, we all want to be rich
Want people to know our names 
But we're lazy
We don't want to work towards success
We wanna whiz our way through the worst times
& settle down at the best
Thinking about the money, fame, love, or sex
Wouldn't that be a great life?
Chillin' on the beach 
No care in the world
With sand stuck between your feet
A multi-billion dollar franchise
One that cannot be defeated
You got everything covered
Everything you've ever dreamed
and OBVIOUSLY, you don't want that life
& obviously, you don't need it
Sitting around like a loser
& I ain't gotta repeat it
That can be your future 
'cause right now, ya got nothing
But a faith, & a dream
And you love it, & I love it!
But for now, in this waking hour, 
We do. . .nothing.
Why are we so unproductive?


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