Five Minute Challenge


For a friend I've since lost, this was his challenge to me: "Write me a poem in five minutes. Free verse, but I like rhymes. I dare you to make it fit me to a T, make it totally and completely me." And so, I did. It fits the way he used to be, when he still considered be worthy of his time. Anyways, enough ranting, poem! 

He wanted a poem, 
My arrogant best friend, 
Then that's what he'll get! 
What did I ever see in him? 
He's precious, though, 
So I wrote a poem anyway.
He's the good kind of weird, 
What can I say? 
Hah, I love you.
And you got what you wanted,
A poem, in five minutes!
I do hope you love it.



I like how cretive you were! great job


A poem in five minutes for a friend that lives and thrives mind and heart. I understand what a loss can take while at the same time we gain a neverending friend that lives and travels with us where ever we go. Especially you is what he follows and who he loves and will watch over from the heavens above forever until time let you join him and thos e others that live in the sky's

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