The person in the mirror is not me,

not the person I used to be.


I've had ups and I've had downs,

a journey not knowing any bounds.

Is it better this way,

or should I have stayed?

The choice is not to stop or go,

it's take the high with the low.


The fall hurts most on the ground,

but it's part of learning your way around.

Tomorrow might bring clouds of strife,

and I want to stand in the storms of life.

I'd better get up and face it head on,

else all that I was will soon be gone.


Perhaps this time I'll stay on my feet,

dirt - that's is really not my favorite thing to eat.

"That's it I surrender" I moan in my head,

I struggle but my limbs feel like lead.

Back in a shaky position I start,

more than my body it hurts my heart.

Continuing forward, determined to last,

I think I can run from my crippled past.


The pride in my soul says you're better than that,

that's the last thought as I hit the mat.

Whatever was left of me is gone

so much for standing, I can't go on.


I'll have to find another way,

but what is the price that I must pay.

maybe if I kneel instead,

It will keep me from falling on my head.

I may not be the one standing straight

but I learned my lesson abite late.

I may not have always been right,

but I never gave up the fight.


The person in the mirror is not me,

not the person I used to be.



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