The Good Life


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man you KNOW that ain’t your house on mtv cribs.
I bet you don't even watch mtv.
You and your girl each got like 3 kids,
and both ya’ll together made less than 3 hits.
You expect me to believe that's the house you sleep in?
Come on man, maybe if you pick the lock and sneak in,
but a pad like that is pad locked on each end.
And tell me how a few weeks ago you went from’s front page slideshow
to the last paragraph on my dad’s morning newspaper.
Girls used to salivate over the clothes you wear;
now them hoes you swear was ride-or-die chicks ain’t nowhere to be found.
Fuckin’ clown, you need to get off my tv screen and come clean about that imaginary green you stackin’
'fore you start seein’ your name next to phrases like: “wash out” or “has been.”

See I know you broke as a joke, that’s the difference between me and them.
You went from riches back to rags and completely missed the median.
These stage lights burn I see you tryna step in the heat again but
fame is like popcorn my brotha; you blow up out of nowhere,
but after that you lose your chance to plant your seeds again.

Yeah you had your little “15 minutes of fame” ballin’ and flossin’
with your head so far up your own ass all you could do was talk shit

But trust me when I say my rib cage was cavin’ in from laughin’ so hard when your records stopped sellin’.
I know that mortgage had you shakin’ in your new Jordans, but I was in my reeboks gellin’.

But that greed had you stuck on stupid.
Instead of scalin’ down, tradin’ in that filet mignon for a dollar double cheeseburger,
or settlin for a house with less than 15 bathrooms- I mean who needs that shit anyway?

It ain’t like the Cosby’s and the Brady bunch are movin’ in together, unless you really get that much of a kick out of flushin’ a different toilet for 2 weeks straight.

Even if you got chrome dubs, and 20” spinners huggin’ the floor of your 4-car garage, it still don’t amount to nothin’ if you got your mind below the poverty line.
If you wana drop out to pursue your dreams that’s cool.
But if you stop your education have way through middle school, your perception of higher math don’t even reach algebra 2.

What you need is to stay away from the limelight.
Take some time to get your mind right.
Maybe focus on ways to give back to mankind, like
donating to charity or givin’ back to actual causes like
cancer, aids, and stupidity.

You should do some research on this new invention called college.
It’s like a drag race where your only fuel is gaining knowledge.
Yeah your mind will redline and your soul might overheat, but it’s so much more than worth it. When you and that finish line meet and you can feel real pride knowin’ you can do something significant when you’ve got power to make a much bigger difference. Instead of rappin about sex, crime, and what you think is the good life, you can actually bring mankind one step closer to livin’ right.


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