Everyday Occasions

Tue, 07/09/2013 - 00:22 -- Cryptic

Have you ever just looked out and saw everything you couldn't formulate an explanation to

captured through the simple essence of nature

For instance take this cruise,

It is the very first muse for my unspoken words

As the majesty of the sea Treads through the ocean

Disrupting the flowing motion of the waves

Leaving its mark that can be seen miles behind the ship

until it seems to nip the edge of the sky from afar

Where the clouds move peacefully and the sun sets elegantly,

giving an unbelievable ambiance of peace

Signaling your brain to cease fire and relax

or how about the engulfing night sky that followed behind

Pierced by the moonlight radiating from the full moon 

as it rose to join in revealing stars you can't see otherwise

Now think about the ascension of a plane as it takes off to a new distant destination 

gradually gaining altitude until it surpasses the clouds and soars... Everyday occasions right

Simple everyday occasions sparking deep inspiration 

as I sit here thinking about the reputation that I have and the one I have yet to create

Looking at how even after four years I have the same terrifying core fears

Terrifying me past the point of tears to the point that I just stare in space

Like a mental head case incarcerated by these four walls of fear

A floor of past rejection and a roof of doubt

And it's been about ...who knows how long, but I know it's been too long

To feel segregated from the community with which I live in

To feel like a failure just delaying what feels inevitable

To be an inner Trojan horse to my own mainframe of life

Too long to feel all these things that have no concrete justification

But some how through elusive persuasion found a way to my inner beliefs system

Where they laid dormant for years

Until I started thinking critically about moving forward And what exactly I was moving toward

That's when the virus became active and sent disruptive bursts of illogical impulses through my mind

Trying to strike me blind of my potential mosaic masterpiece of a life

Where the majesty is me leaving my mark in the ripples of time on my voyage into the sunset of success 

boarded by the smiles and support of all those that care for me year after year 

But in this time of mystery that I'm heading into 

It's up to me to tear the night sky apart with the moonlight of clearance

Clearance Of myself pieced together from the fragments of light 

released from stars at altitudes of wisdom I wish to rise to

And as I ascend to these new heights 

I dream of the day I start to soar free of worry

Free of fear

Free of my self incarceration and clear of the clouds of confusion

Enabling the experience of a highly anticipated vision


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