Wolf spirit

Tue, 06/04/2013 - 20:59 -- freeman


United States
40° 38' 49.5312" N, 73° 57' 13.0176" W

oh lonely wolf,
your heart is crying out for help
and so you howl at the moon, venting a prayer full of angst
as you don't understand the ways of the heavens
so you howl even more in the mystic silence
for the packs have rejected you and find you strange, for
they see your eyes exude a plight with the moon, as you float beneath its white divinity every night
trying to absorb its wisdom, this same wisdom that kills you
that causes your heart to pang...
but you relied on it too much, thinking it to be the ultimate source of salvation, when in fact it just reflects the sun's light
it can lead you though to the sun of truth, of love, of righteousness
oh wolf you are lost in the forest, wondering when this will end, howling out the distress of thine soul
salvation is not in the owl's eyes, so don't look at them, composed of cold wisdom and wonder
it is not in the moon
it is in you
so tread on in the beauty of your solitude and sorrow
carry it like Apollo, and find the pack that will love you.


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