I am Authentic
I don't need the right lightening, or the right edit to have my picture get 1,000 likes or hearts.
I am Authentic
I don't need to have "The Body" or the right weave to break hearts, or only having guys talk to me not from their head or gentleman like personalities. But from their private parts.
I am Authentic
I know I am beautiful and don't need a lens to tell me that.
I don't need to tilt my head, change an outfit, or cake my face, just for that 2 hours of fame.
Theirs no prize of education only people looking at your looks and not you.
I am Authentic
I refuse to be consumed in the land of the pre Madonnas . I choose to be the little black girl with a diploma and a college degree.
Couple years from now sitting in my house with my kids sipping tea.
I am Authentic
And if you can't stand me without a filter and much rather get catfished, then be my guest. Theirs about 7.1 billion females who does it for a living for free.
I am Authentic
Could it be that what I see in the mirror each day is a new me. I love myself righteously.
Not even Instagram can do that for me.
I am Authentic
I just wish the world could see myself as me
Without questioning my loyalty to these networks that does nothing for me.
I am Authentic
I wish most girls would have my point of view, and instead of chasing after ballers and no good guys. They would chase their diploma, degree, and the pursuit of happiness.
That they would stop chasing Mac, and Michael Kors, and chase the American dream. But instead they're oblivious and are heading into a crash course.
I am Authentic
I am a young woman who loves herself and know she's beautiful, you don't have to worry about me, I'm not gonna catfish you. Or lie with my camera.
Just talk to me like I am beautiful and treat me as a real person instead of a poetic profile.
And maybe hope your talk was real. And pray I remember ya. Because...
I am Authentic.


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