What happens when you're there?

Tue, 02/11/2014 - 03:00 -- sdunh12

I’m sinking.

Store bought water wings

Are full of holes.

My cheap tweety bird education

Through public registration

Is slowly clogging the sink drain

Until my backwater is splashing up my throat

And into my face.

A social life

Is worth more than a dime,

Paying for seconds

With a whole lifetime.

I feel claws slicing my brain,

Yet I’m still waiting to feel

That precise moment of intense pain

When blood stains my retinas

And pupils dilate into

Flimsy collidascopes

That just blocks the truth with

Rainbow crystals coated

The color caffeine and screams

That scratch diamonds

In my upper breathing canal

Until the gilded blanket

Matches me per surface area.

Welcome not to death,

Welcome to unfair

And dizzying displays of reverse

Laws of nature,

Make up a world that’s fake and absurd

Until we become a twisted mirror

That’s meant to represent out goals.

We make it in the end,

Though torn up

And the spattered cloth

Left over from the reduction.


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