There is fear and there is comfort,

But sometimes comfort is intertwined with fear


Succeeding is the comfort of warm lavender bubbles enveloping your curves

Failing is the pit of despair so deep even the deepest of deep sea divers can’t find—



Bring blessing unimaginable, even the pain is a gain

In disguise

Living without challenge is wading through never-ending yellow Jell-O—

Monotonous in its own solidarity and cheery outlook,

reflecting the very sunny face of unnatural utopia


They take and they give, give and take, and yet—

I can’t live without life’s little challenges


Reminding me I’m human, reminding me of the growth I need, reminding me

Showing me I’m strong, showing me I’m capable, showing me

That even in the face of failure, even in the face of a challenge

There is a lining of yellow, life’s sunshine peeking through

And reminding me that



                                                Life’s Cure

                                                                        For a stagnant soul.

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Our world
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