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i've heard that fame isn't everything
but i want it all
i will admit i'm shallow
completely devoted to aesthetics
cold as ice and hedonistic too
is it so wrong to live in pursuit of pleasure?

money isn't bad if you use it the right way
after all, it makes it easy
altruism can wipe away any resentment
i wouldn't hoard for myself
i'm not like that, i promise
but is charity bad if it truly comes from the heart?

we've learned to navigate the world
with ships made of gold and plastic
we pay our way to the top
and slide down with vice
it's the only way i know how to function
how else am i supposed to succeed?

i like the finer things in life
so sue me
if more people did, maybe
maybe there wouldn't be terror
there wouldn't be pain
and there would be beauty
wouldn't that work?

oh god, make me beautiful
make me rich
make me happy
i don't want to be miserable


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