America the Great

America the Great, for what we are known for.

Living in the Mid-West I feel every season. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, all in one. 

The hot summer days are gone before the blink of an eye with winter on its way. 

Under the hot summer sun, kids play outside while their parents chit chat amongst their compadres and comadres.

Everything is calm under the hot summer sun. However, it is not always calm in the hot summer days. 

There are tragedies and loss, ends and new beginnings.

Fall is around the corner and so is school. But some kids can't get to school for the tragedies, loss, ends and new beginnings. 

Frightened families and children cannot cross the street without someone thinking they are affiliated with a rival organization. 

"They" who I speak of are kids of the community. A brother, son, sister, or a daughter. What they see is violence, gangs, drugs and alcohol. 

"They" are part of this community. "They" mean so much more than their actions. "They" deserve a chance to live and get out of the cycle of violence, gangs, drugs and alcohol. "They" are our future. "They" should be given a chance to excel and succeed.

The children of the communtiy need everyone's help. Their school, their parents, their community, and their peers. All of us working as one can make a difference in the communty to end the cycle of violence, gangs, drugs and alcohol in the child's community. 

I think America the Great has to focus on the children and their community because that is where everythign begins. All they know is what they see day in and day out. If all they see is violence, gangs, drugs and alcohol, that is all they will ever know and only continue that legacy. 

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