I Am Not Three Letters

I am not three letters

my whole existance 

is not bound by the skin that is covering my soul

by the body that is less than

simply because I am larger than you

they try to place scars 

along with do not enter signs on my dreams

with three letters that are meant to define me

f, a, and t


I am more than the scale

the numbers that so many try to kill themseleves over

a machine that leaves unspoken syllables because our words are not meant to be heard

or cannot be heard 

because the sentences are interrupted by the sounds of girls heaving

a social divider keeping the equality of thoughts

based on the inches around our waist

instead of the importance of an individual spoken word


in our world today we are told to do something with our lives

we are told to not be losers and zeros

but at the same time they are telling us that zero should be the size of our jeans

society is telling us that being healthy is not our main priority

that having a thigh gap is more important

than the chance of us putting another six foot gap in the ground trying to get there


I will not conform to the masses

I will stand tall with my success

wearing a plus size dress as I recieve a medal

I will do this because I am not defined by three letters

f, a, and t






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