Sat, 03/19/2016 - 13:35 -- rayex8

Within, there must be that voice...
The one to push you to succeed.
For me, it tells me that all is okay,
And I need to prepare for what I may see.


The future bears the unknown.
The unknown of both day and night.
But if you have that inner endurance,
You will believe that all is alright.


I know myself and my future plans
Better than anyone else.
Thus, it is my own motivation
I depend on to recieve my own help.


Success is within the succeeder.
I hold this idea close by.
So one day, I can point at myself and say:
"Because I pushed myself to my dream, that's why..."


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My Poem "Within" is for the "All I Need Scholarship Slam" Scholarship and it is reflecting my idea that all I need in life to depend on is belief in myself...belief that I am a strong enough and courageous enough individual that I will succeed at anything I set myself to.


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