Patterns of Success

Success contains a dab of enthrallment

Has a thrill of amusement with a pride of accusement too.


The scent of blossoming folds and the victory untold where mysteries are bold.


Being an elitist of the courier who bashes and pry, yet the love for them is a millenium

How can love be love if it is a fallacious titanium.


Money planted and proliferating on trees

The bountiful the leaves-- the merrier.


Words etched on paper,

Letters in disguise,

Speaking as the superior one is lovely.


Favoring guns and ceaslessly striding across the fields

Worshipping the savior and fruitfully be devoted.


Success can be a mystical pattern between two young souls

Tossing and turning to reach their primary goals.


The ranging size can be an acre of cornland

A size smaller than the pollen in flowers...

Yet the sufficing image is captivating


                        Success is a parallel line that never meet                 

                   They infintely have many solutions.











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