She Stumbled Upon A Leaf


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She stumbled
She fell
She got up and she walked.

She stumbled she fell
She got up
And she walked.

She stumbled
She fell
And she stayed there.

Not knowing that her destination-
Success was waiting for her
To get up.

Her legs got so tired
And her feet began to ache.
Her breathing was ragged
And her eyes were blinded by the sun.
down At the ground
She thought, "I'll take rest."
But when she accepted
A non-existent defeat
As a resting place,
It became her reality.
And her dream remained
A dream.
The ground became her friend,
Her comforter, her safe haven her god.
And for the time being,
It was pretty darn comfortable.
But then there came
A whisper of the wind.
And though she could not Fathom
The words, she listened...
And as she listened something grazed
Her hand.
She looked and saw A leaf.
A leaf.
Soon another leaf
Had fallen from the tree
And as she watched it
She saw that it fell Gracefully,
Without a care in the world
Not a single worry.
She thought, "Oh little leaf,
The leaf had fallen from the tree
And as she watched it
She thought, "Why
Has it fallen from the tree?
Why has it fallen from the tree?
Did the leaf think it could fly
Fly fly?"
Did it imagine it had wings
Or did it simply trust the wind?
Or did it become weak, like me?"
And just as she,
People often believe
That the leaf has Given up,
That it has lost its strength.
But I say, I say it gained courage
And learned to be independent of a branch
And its Leafy friends.
It wants to explore Life
Without complete security.
It wants to take risks
In its journey
In a Man's world.
If only people could see
The joy in a leaf
As it uses its
Pre-spreaded wings
They'd understand the relief
Of pursuing their dreams.
If only the girl that stumbled could realize
That when she gets up
She has succeeded another journey,
That would make me oh So Happy.
To bring a motivation to those around me
And encourage them to
Be all they can be...
To show them that even a leaf
Has dreams.
That is why I write,
Why with my words, I sing.
Because everyone has the right to liberty
But not everyone knows how to Reach it.
That leaf fell from the tree,
And I think I understand why...
Because it wanted to be
And once this reality
Hit the girl on the ground,
She stood back up
And because she continued her journey
She helped the whole nation to stand.
And her symbol of success is
A Leaf.


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