Whispers Beyond Tantalus

Patience is an elemental virtue,


Even as minds are writhing,

Mingling and beating together,

In a flawlessly mortal cadence,


Our bodies are entwined in a disconcerting dance,

Turned to stone upon the steps of Eden,

Forsaken to fixate upon divinity,

Unfathomably close to serenity,

It makes hope seem so hopeless,


The stars do not twinkle in front of the gardens of Eden,


Yet a shred of white flag, conducted by the calefacient astral dawn,

Is a smattering of immaculate ivory in blackness,

It whips and snaps in the cosmic wind,

Its light illuminates what lies taciturn in our hearts,

Revealing the phoenix’s passionate heart,

Whispers of its impassioned melodies,

And solace in its wistful dreams,


Yet, even burning passion is not everlasting,

No being can subsist without hope to guide the way,


But still, gravity feasts on tears of interwoven blood and anguish,

Life shatters beneath the burden of falling shooting stars,


As a torturous dying breath is drawn in,

The body and soul of a everlasting spirit erupt,

Shattering star bound bodies,


Out from the twirling steps of a dance,

Step a man and woman,

Embers of desire in their eyes,

An air of peace and harmony about them,

Their steps full of thought and purpose,


Believe in hope, and the righteous essence that has been infused in life,

By the grand architect that built the stately worlds heaven and earth,

The exalted poet that wrote so many immeasurably noble lives,

The august philosopher who dreamt of virtue’s immortality,

The everlasting entity that lives an eternity of patience amongst the angels,







That is how to find the font of blessed existence.


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