Learning Struggles


You talk in such a droning voice,

I'm falling asleep, it's not my choice.

What you keep trying to teach me lacks logic,

and I'm learning nothing, isn't that ironic?


I wish I could understand what you're trying to say,

but you're speaking a foreign language to my dismay.

I do not learn well by reading a book,

I need someone to show me, I need to look!


Can't you see me struggling when I take your test?

Can you seriously tell me I'm not doing my best?

I'm like a lost sheep in your class,

I just want it to end and hope I pass.


In every school you have three types of learners,

pay attention now, or they'll be on the back burners.

The first student learns by visual examples,

all you have to do is show him some samples.

The second student learns by hearing,

speak to her, and you'll see the clouds clearing.

The third student learns through kinesthetic ways,

let them be hands-on and through your class they will blaze.


Is it really so hard to try to be inclusive?

Is getting an education really so exclusive?

We all are here to have fun when we learn,

and we'll cross that finish line, together, as one.


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