The Cloud

Sun, 01/08/2017 - 19:42 -- arf23

In 2016

A cloud of depression hovered over me

I felt hopeless

And angry and empty

Why couldn't I just be happy?

I have a great life

And a loving family

Caring friends and many talents

What was wrong with me?

I could be triggered in an instant

If I got mad or something went wrong

When things didn't go my way

I wanted to hide

Or sometimes die

But I persevered

I held onto my faith

I finally adressed my weakness

I admitted I needed help

I got a few pills

I began sharing my feelings

Things slowly got better

And I felt happy again

The cloud disappeared

And the sun began to shine

I was back to normal

I felt like myself again

Although I am better

For the most part

Every now and then

The cloud returns

But I don't let it control me

I know how to cope

I am strong 

And depression doesn't own me


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