It's Always Worth It

Anything that is worth it and anything that makes life great is always scary.

Picture this: You’re in the backseat of a boxy looking car attempting to hide from the traffic. The kissing gets hot and soon enough all the windows are fogged. Your heart is racing and you want to throw up at the thought of anyone finding out what you’re doing and you do it anyway, and it makes life amazing, and you never forget that forbidden experience, or that person.

Picture this: You’re waiting to perform a routine or go out into a game to win a championship. You don’t want to let your team or your coach down and you feel butterflies in your lungs. But you go out and do it. You look forward and leave the fears in your peripheral vision. The winning is great, the losing is hard, and I’ve done both. Both experiences made my life worth it.

Picture this: You’re off at college. It’s scary because you’re away from everything you’ve ever known. You're not really alone, but the unfamiliar beds and faces make it seem so. But during the fifth night you’re there you sit in the lounge and laugh uncontrollably with two people you’ve never met before, and now you’ve gained two best friends at the cost of some social anxiety and two extra hours of sleep, and it was worth it.

That fear of the unknown. It's always there, but it always makes life worth it. It’s always worth it.


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