I Am


I am the subject of a tragedy.

My dark brown eyes look down to hide the pain.

The frown upon my lips urges you to turn away from me.

I flinch at your affection, because I've seen 'love' hurt people.

My sleeves are too long because I need to hide my bloody arms.

My chest burns from holding my breath- I don't want to be here anymore.




I am the face of a success story.

My eyes look forward to the future I have in store.

The scars on my arms have healed and are fading.

My smile welcomes you to talk to me, for I am not afraid. 

My arms embrace the bodies of the people who truly love me.

My lungs breathe in air, because I am finally willing to live again.



                                                I am raw, uncut, unfiltered, recovery at its finest.

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